Following the news that Spider-Man’s upcoming third film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe will be officially titled Spider-Man: No Way Home, the film’s Twitter account chose to have a little fun with the social media platform’s official account.

On March 4th, the Twitter account playfully declared that it was “writing bios today” and asked their followers “who wants one?”, to which the Spider-Man: No Way Home account asked in turn, “what you got for me?”

Putting their movie summarizing skills to work, the new bio provided by Twitter read, “#SpiderManNoWayHome starring Tom Holland, Zendaya, Jacob Batalon, Tobey Maguire, and Andrew Garfield, only in movie theaters this Christmas.”


After that, neither official account said anything further. Causing a bit of panic in the replies.

Of course, this is all a marketing ploy to hype up the film before it comes out this Christmas, but it also feeds more into the rumors of three different Spider-Men showing up during the film, in what may be an attempt to bring the concept of the Spider-Verse to the live-action films or even a set up a larger multiverse than the one we were briefly introduced to in the first Doctor Strange.

Effective film marketing is supposed to get people talking and get them interested in seeing what could happen in your story. This curiosity gets the ball rolling for people to tune in to see trailers, clips, set photos, and videos, and in turn generate more chatter on social media. This interaction has almost certainly done just that.

It’s possible that the official Twitter account knows everything that’s going on with that film, from the rumors, to the actual casting, and possibly even the actual plot. There’s also a chance that we might get some more information from the official Spider-Man: No Way Home account in the upcoming days. Either way, one thing is for certain: the rumors about three Spider-Men being involved have hit fever pitch.

Multiversal Introductions

In Spider-Man: Far From Home, there was a bit of dialogue about the Multiverse (Spoilers for those of you who haven’t seen Spider-Man: Far From Home).

In the film, Nick Fury talked about how Thanos all of the energy released by his snap opened up the door to other dimensions, with Quentin Beck initially being presented as a traveller from another world.

And while both Beck’s story and Fury’s true identity are eventually debunked throughout the last half of the film, the mere mention of the multiverse is most likely a tease for something that will pay off a little down the line.

And now it seems that what ended in the joint production with Sony now picks up with Marvel proper, as with WandaVision and its introduction to Phase 4 of the MCU, it’s been teased that the multiverse may actually be a real thing (Another spoiler warning, this time for those of you who haven’t seen Wandavision).

In the final post-credits scene of the Disney Plus series, Wanda, newly awakened to the full potential of her Chaos Magic abilities as the Scarlet Witch, can be seen studying the Darkhold in her astral form (an ability first seen displayed by Doctor Strange in his debut film).

While flipping through its pages, she can hear the cries of her recently ‘un-made’ sons echoing from what seems to be another plane of reality – possibly another dimension.

It was previously believed that the re-casting (by both Marvel and Agatha) of Evan Peters as Quicksilver, replacing the version portrayed by Aaron-Taylor Johnson with his Fox X-Men counter-part was a nod to the vast reaches of the Multiverse.

However, with the reveal that ‘Pietro’ was nothing more than a personality created by Agatha and implanted upon a random man named Ralph Bohner, it seems that Peters’ intentional casting was simply an easter egg that the production team wanted a segment of the audience to recognize from the other franchise.

Next Up On The List

Doctor Strange In the Multiverse of Madness is currently filming. Elizabeth Olsen has been confirmed to appear by the actress herself, as she had talked about the production in the U.K. being shut down due to another surge in coronavirus cases.

However, any other cast members are just as much rumored as the ones proposed for Spider-Man: No Way Home. Until something solid comes from a trade website, it’s all speculation at this point.

Depending on how deep producer Kevin Feige and director Sam Raimi wish to dive into the concept of the multiverse with the Doctor Strange sequel, there’s a chance that a good amount of Phase 4 will be spent exploring how the MCU mishmashes with all of the other worlds and realities from Marvel properties that were once apart from the MCU but have since been acquired by Disney.

From properties once licensed by Fox to television series previously exclusive to Hulu, nothing is off limits to the company now.

And while everything at this point is speculation, there’s been no counter-evidence to rule out the possibility that the MCU will use the groundwork laid by previous franchises to get the current phase going.

At least not yet. Spider-Man: No Way Home included.

But what do you think of this online back and forth with the two blue checkmark accounts? Sound off in the comments below or let’s talk about it on social meda!