If you thought Disney’s use of Force Healing couldn’t get any worse, you would be wrong.

A new report from ScreenRant details that Force Healing can now clear your mind and remove the influence of the Dark Side from individuals.

Source: The Rise of Skywalker

ScreenRant’s Thomas Bacon reports that in Kristin Baver’s newly released Skywalker: A Family At War book it reveals that Rey not only physically healed Kylo Ren in The Rise of Skywalker, but she also healed his mind.

Bacon quotes from the book, “Rey transferred her own Force energy to the wounded man at her feet; however, the interaction did more than merely mend a gaping wound. Burned flesh and damaged organs were made whole again, and even the scar on his face disappeared. For the first time in more than a decade, Ben Solo’s mind cleared.”

He then interprets the quote writing, “Rey’s Force Heal had a transformative effect on Ben’s mind, freeing him from the Emperor’s influence, granting him clarity of thought for longer than Ben could possibly remember.”

Source: The Rise of Skywalker

Bacon would go on to claim this is just confirmation of what Disney has been doing with Force healing outside of Rey’s healing of Kylo. 

He writes, “Baby Yoda used it on Greef Karga, and immediately afterwards he began to demonstrate a conscience for the first time in his life; the desert serpent slithered away, losing its aggression; and Kylo Ren was redeemed immediately after being healed by Rey.”

That’s right it appears that Force Healing can now magically alter people’s states of mind by using it.

Source: The Mandalorian

If only this ability was available to the Jedi Order before The Rise of Skywalker. There would be no need for the entire Star Wars saga in the first place because there’s no way The Emperor would have risen to power.

The Jedi would have just Force Healed everyone to remove the influence of the Dark Side.

But it does beg the question, if there is Force Healing, is there anti-Force Healing as well and did Palpatine use it on Anakin?

Source: Revenge of the Sith

Who knows? But who really cares? Because at this point, Disney is just making up a bunch of garbage and slapping the Star Wars label on it.

None of it makes sense because the people coming up with it don’t care about Star Wars whatsoever. And they are too lazy to stop and think for even a second about how dumb these ideas are.