Earlier this afternoon, Twitter user @Thattugglife posted that there was something peculiar about using the Instagram app, particularly surrounding the posting of Gina Carano related content.

Source: The Mandalorian – Chapter 12 “The Siege” (2020)

According to a screenshot, Instagram had placed a COVID-19 related warning on a story post made by @thattugglife which featured a completely unrelated promotion for the upcoming website launch of, essentially a Carano fansite, GinaCaranoNet.

“Yo Instagram you need to CHILL OUT,” they exclaimed. “Please explain to me WHERE at ALL in this story is a SINGLE mention about COVID. At first, you flagging all posts about Gina was hilarious. Now it’s beyond absurd and pathetic. Get. A. Grip.”

Source: thattugglife Twitter

The picture shows an alert stating “Since your post includes information about COVID-19, we’ve added a link to a health source.”

It’s important to note that nothing on the GinaCaranoNet site mentions anything about COVID-19.

Source: GinaCarano.net

Likewise, no mention of the virus is made on either the site’s Twitter or Instagram pages.

Source: GinaCarano.net Instagram

Tried It Myself

I was genuinely curious to see if the weirdness was actually happening. So, out of curiosity, like I did with Twitter’s forced ‘unlikings’ of a J.K. Rowling tweet, I tried it out myself.

And wouldn’t you know it, it’s actually a thing.

Source: dollfied Instagram

This image is what I had originally posted to my Instagram. As you can see, nothing mentioning COVID-19, just information about the upcoming Gina Carano fan site. Also, I did not post it to my story, but posted it to my main feed.

About two minutes later, I get this notification:

Source: dollfied Instagram

Shortly thereafter, I found this little link attached to the bottom half on my post for the upcoming fan site,  like some sort of disclaimer:

Source: dollfied Instagram

Big social media platforms messing with anything Gina Carano related isn’t anything new. Just last week, Twitter branded her feed as having “sensitive content”.

As @thattugglife pointed out, there has been a push by social media to censor Carano’s content from reaching a greater swath of of the public.

Censors have cited a number of reasons to target Carano, with one of the most prominent lies being pushed by the alt-left in the mainstream media being that Carano is somehow against using masks and thus promoting the further spread of COVID-19. This idea continues to be pushed, despite these sorts having no solid evidence to promote this idea.

Source: Deadpool (2016), Marvel Entertainment

So this little COVID-19 notification with a Gina Carano post is more than just an eyebrow raiser in light of the mainstream media’s narrative. It’s a concerning trend.

But what do you think of what’s happening on Instagram with Gina Carano related content? Is it a continuing trend for social media trying to further censor the actress? Sound off in the comments below or let’s talk about it on social media!

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