TOHO Games recently announced a brand new Godzilla game titled “Godzilla Destruction.”

According to a press release the game allows players to “become the King of the Monsters himself and embark on a global rampage. Players control Godzilla with the tap of a finger to crush historical buildings in cities across the glove.”

Source: TOHO Games

As part of their announcement they released a new trailer for the mobile game.

As you can see below, Godzilla deploys his Heat Ray as he rampages throughout multiple cities and knocks down dozens of buildings.

Not only will Godzilla be tearing through cities across the globe, but he will also be faced with some of his most iconic foes including King Ghidorah.

Source: TOHO Games

Godzilla Destruction will arrive on both iOS and Android devices on Tuesday, April 27th.  It is one of three Godzilla games announced last month that also included Run Godzilla, that is already currently available to play worldwide, and the upcoming Godzilla Battle Line.

Do you plan on checking out Godzilla Destruction when it releases later this month?

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