Artist Clrsart recently shared a number of illustrations where he reimagines Disney princesses as Mortal Kombat characters.

Clrsart first shared Cinderalla as Sonya Blade.

Take a look.

Next, the artist shared Mulan as Kitana.

Snow White got the treatment as well as she was turned into Mileena.

Jasmine was transformed into Jade.

And most recently Ariel was turned into Skarlet.

Disney princesses were not the only characters that Clrsart transformed into Mortal Kombat characters.

The artist previously renditions of Sailor Moon characters being transformed into Kitana, Mileena, and Jade.

Take a look.

What do you make of Clrsart’s work? Which Disney princess as a Mortal Kombat character is your favorite? What other characters would you like to see transformed into Mortal Kombat characters?