We last saw Amber Heard suit up as Atlantean royal Mera in Zack Snyder’s Justice League, but now it appears that she is working to stay in the shape required to pull off the part, as by most accounts she has been confirmed for Aquaman 2.

Source: Aquaman (2018), Warner Bros.

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Or so it would seem. A new image recently posted to her Instagram tells us one thing – that she is hitting the gym, commanding Alexa to find workout songs all the while – but Heard is being called out for deception.

Source: Amber Heard Instagram

YouTuber That Umbrella Guy noticed discrepancies in her social media post and made a video demonstrating issues with it.

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TUG noticed similarities between Heard’s appearance in the “new image” of her training for Aquaman 2 and how she looked in 2017 during the first film’s pre-production, namely her hairstyle and her workout clothes.

As seen in posts from 2017 (example below), the hair and clothing match, with the most notable similarity being her pink highlights, which are absent from her hair in recent photos.

Source: Amber Heard Instagram

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TUG also finds fault with the media for running the recently shared picture without double-checking the post’s veracity and accuracy.

He isn’t too happy with Warner Bros. either, as amidst the actors’ legal troubles, they chose to keep Heard at DC, yet fire her ex-husband Johnny Depp from Fantastic Beasts.

This indicates they side with Heard in her ongoing dispute with Depp, regardless of the audio and video recordings that bolster the counter-accusation that it was, in actuality, Depp who was the victim of domestic abuse in the relationship.

Source: The Ninth Gate (1999), Lionsgate

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Warner has also chosen to ignore the Change.org petition – with 2 million signatures and counting – that calls for the actress to be let go from Aquaman 2, an act which TUG takes to mean they don’t care about their consumers.

Ironically, he suspects something will leak about Amber Heard’s status in the coming weeks. Rumors have stated her role in the sequel could be reduced in favor of a new character, if not written out entirely.

Source: Instagram

Aquaman 2 has no release date yet but should start filming this summer.

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