A day after Arktoons officially launched on Arkhaven.com with five new titles, they revealed five more titles today including three surprise titles that had not been previously announced.

Source: Arktoons

Arktoons is a free-to-view website, meaning all episodes are free to read. New episodes of each series are released weekly. You can support the platform through a subscription. There are currently four options ranging from $5 to $50. However, it is not a requirement to subscribe in order to read the comics.

The site launched with Alt-Hero, Midnight’s War, The Hammer of Freedom, Go, Monster Go, and Deus Vult.

It has now added five more titles including Alt-Hero Q, Ascendant, A Throne of Bones, Flying Sparks, and Chuck Dixon Presents: Adventure.

Here’s a look at those five new titles.

Alt-Hero Q

Source: Alt-Hero Q

When federal agent Roland Dane is sent to Peru to escort a U.S. Cabinet member, he has no reason to believe his assignment is connected in any way to his Treasury team’s recent bust of a ring of amateur counterfeiters.

But when the Secretary of State and his entourage is unexpectedly attacked and the subsequent news reports of the attack bear no resemblance to the events he witnessed, Dane is forced to confront the shocking discovery that nothing in his world is quite what it appears to be.

Alt★Hero: Q is an incendiary comic series that explores the mysterious phenomenon of QAnon. Set in the Alt★Hero universe, the story is written by The Legend Chuck Dixon, the co-creator of Bane and the most prolific author in the history of comic books.

Read Alt★Hero: Q here.


Source: Ascendant

Inspired by comics such as Watchmen, The Boys, Squadron Supreme, The Authority, and Invincible, the world of ASCENDANT doesn’t begin to diverge from our world until 2012.

But the first superheroes did not go public until the Battle of Atlanta in 2018, creating a new and original superhero universe.

ASCENDANT features heroes such as Aurora, Stiletto, Helen Killer, Warp, and the world’s first ascended manitee, Levitee.

Read Ascendant here.

A Throne of Bones

Source: A Throne of Bones

In Selenoth, the race of Man is on the ascendant. The ancient dragons sleep. The ghastly Witchkings are no more; their evil power destroyed by the courage of Men and the fearsome magic of the Elves.

The Dwarves have retreated to the kingdoms of the Underdeep, the trolls hide in their mountains, and even the savage orc tribes have learned to dread the iron discipline of Amorr’s mighty legions.

But after four hundred years of mutual suspicion, the rivalry between two of the Houses Martial that rule the Amorran Senate threatens to turn violent, and unrest sparks rebellion throughout the imperial provinces.

And in the distant east, the war drums echo throughout the mountains as orcs and goblins gather in vast numbers, summoned by their bestial gods. Based on books from the epic fantasy series ARTS OF DARK AND LIGHT.

Read A Throne of Bones here.

Flying Sparks

Source: Flying Sparks

Chloe Anderson is a physics student by day, a hard working, smart girl who’s close with her mad scientist professor, working with him as a teacher’s assistant.

She also moonlights as the superhero, Meta-Girl. Johnny Benvinutti comes from a well-established Italian crime family, and recently found he has the ability to shoot lightning from his hands.

He runs his operation out of a coffee shop front business. When the two of them meet, sparks fly on multiple levels. But will they be able to maintain their relationship while keeping secret lives from each other?

Read Flying Sparks here.

Chuck Dixon Presents: Adventure

Source: Arktoons

Chuck Dixon Presents: Adventure is the first in a historical series of restored classic comics from the Golden Age that have been personally selected by the legendary Chuck Dixon.

Vox Day tells Bounding Into Comics that the Arktoons production team “cleans up the scanned artwork and reletters it in the style it was originally lettered to make it legible at the high resolutions Arktoons uses.”

The first entry in Chuck Dixon Presents: Adventure is Frogmen with a script by Don Segal, art by Alex Toth, and inks by Mike Peppe. The story was originally published by Dell Comics.

Source: Arktoons

Here’s a look at the first page of Frogmen!

Source: Frogmen

Read Frogmen here.

What do you make of these new additions to Arktoons? Do you plan on checking any of them out?