Dark Matter and Orphan Black actor Andrew Moodie recently claimed that the Star Trek: Discovery production team is terrorizing the cast and crew.

The actor appeared on on the Dark Matter Monday show hosted every week on the Orville Nation YouTube channel.

Moodie, who played Teku Fonsei on Dark Matter as well as Jacob in Star Trek: Discovery, claimed, “As opposed to being on the set of Star Trek. Which I was on the set of Star Trek. Worst experience… Sorry, I will be very careful about what I say.”

Moodie then said, “The thing I will say about working on Star Trek is I got to work with Jonathan Frakes and he is a gentleman. He is brilliant. He is a great director. Beautiful human being, so supportive. The cast on that set great people, wonderful people.”

“But I could tell…what I will say is the crew and the cast were traumatized by a production team and a writers room that was in constant flux and power dynamics where you could just tell that they felt threated. You could tell they felt threatened,” he added.

Source: Dark Matter

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He then claimed he was threatened, “And I eventually, the producers of Star Trek threatened me. And I was just like, ‘I don’t care.'”

“Yeah, they came after me. Yeah. The showrunner was fired and there was a new showrunner. And I was brought into to do ADR and they wanted me to redo my entire performance because the new showrunner didn’t like my acting, ultimately didn’t like my acting,” he relayed.

Moodie said, “And I’m like, ‘Okay. Well that’s fine.’ Art is subjective. Fundamentally it’s subjective. So there’s nothing you can do. I may like the Rolling Stones, you may hate the Rolling Stones. It’s fine. They are the Rolling Stones, what are you going to do?”

Source: Dark Matter

He continued, “But you could just tell that something happened. So the new people at the head of Star Trek…whoever is running it now, they are just terrified of whoever is running it now. Whoever is running Star Trek now is running it with an iron fist and they didn’t like anything that I did so they completely replaced my voice. I don’t know who is voicing my character.”

Moodie concluded, “And again, I want to make this clear, the director was great, the cast were great, the crew on that show are good people. But you can tell that the production team above them, they are terrorizing those people and they are just terrified.”

Source: Dark Matter

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Moodie then went on to state, “And ultimately they tried to scare me. They were like, ‘You know to be of quality of Star Trek, you have to have this performance.'”

He also reiterated his opinion about Jonathan Frakes, “Jonathan Frakes was always cool with me and he was always supportive. And he was always like, ‘Andrew you are doing a great job. Thank you so much.'”

“So, I don’t know who. Like there is somebody in production, somewhere in Los Angeles who is trying to terrorize people by trying to belittle them. And they tried to belittle me to say, ‘Oh you’re not good enough!’ And I’m like, ‘Dude!'”

Source: Dark Matter

One of the co-hosts, Nina Infinity, then mentions Star Trek head Alex Kurtzman.

Moodie reacts by zipping his lips shut, but he does say, “Did I say anything? I’m not saying anything. Maybe you’re right? Did I say anything? I don’t know.”

What do you make of Moodie’s claims? Are you surprised by his claim?