Arktoons Roundup July 7th, 2021

Source: Flying Sparks

Welcome to the Arktoons roundup. Bounding Into Comics’ weekly look at some of the best in new and classic comics that Arkhaven Comics has to offer.  This week we will be spotlighting the work of the premier Latino writer working in Speculative Fiction today, Jon Del Arroz.

Flying Sparks

First up, we will be catching up with an old friend, Flying Sparks.  Chloe and Johnny are a perfect couple.  Both are young, career-oriented, and seem to be much more financially stable than is typical for Millennials. That isn’t to say that they don’t have disagreements.

Unscheduled Appointment image number 14

Source: Flying Sparks

What couple doesn’t?

Unscheduled Appointment image number 15

Source: Flying Sparks

Although, they do have one fundamental problem.  She’s a superhero…

Fighting Spirit... And Gadgets image number 9

Source: Flying Sparks

And he’s a supervillain.  

A Shocking Revelation image number 6

Source: Flying Sparks

This week they were getting together for the first time in a while.  Things were going smoothly and that never lasts with Chloe and Johnny.

Unscheduled Appointment image number 16

Source: Flying Sparks

Which one is going to have to reveal his or her little secret next week.

Unscheduled Appointment image number 17

Source: Flying Sparks

Ember War

Our next entry is new to Bounding Into Comics; Ember War.  Jon Del Arroz’s adaptation of Richard Fox’s epic tale of the annihilation of 99.9% of the Human Race by a relentless enemy from deep space. And the survivors’ desperate attempt to save their fragment of Humanity.

This week, the last splinter of humanity that remains has returned to Earth after an absence of 30 years.  They are trying to find the secret of Humanity’s near genocide.  

A Strange Reunion image number 8

Source: Ember War

The granddaughter of the richest man in the world is the key to unlocking the mystery of Mankind’s fall as well as its only hope for survival.

A Strange Reunion image number 18

Source: Ember War

However, there is a major problem with that.

A Strange Reunion image number 17

Source: Ember War

Something lies in wait for the last Ember of the Human Race. But we won’t be facing it alone.

Our Last Hope image number 10

Source: Ember War

Clockwork Dancer

Clockwork Dancer is Jon Del Arroz’s brilliant steampunk entry into the world of webtoons.

“In the eyes of the Anglican Church, and according to the laws of Queen Victoria, Alastair has created a monster. His clockwork automaton has the spark of life, but the outside world does not recognize that she also has a heart of gold. Alistair and his creation must go on the run to escape Her Majesty’s Secret Service, and at the same time evade the man who first invented clockwork automatons, a man who will stop at nothing to get his hands on the Clockwork Dancer…”

Like Clockwork image number 0

Source: Clockwork Dancer

Steampunk lends itself to Comics in a way that it simply can’t for any other media.  Books show you nothing of what is a very image-driven genre. 

The Automaton Army image number 5

Source: Clockwork Dancer

Movies and TV usually just look silly when trying to capture this world that never was.

Clockwork Danger image number 5

Source: Clockwork Dancer

This week, Alastair is on the run as Billingham prepares to activate a clockwork army that will bring down the Monarchy.

Clockwork Danger image number 16

Source: Clockwork Dancer

This is building into something huge.  Jon Del Arroz has never hesitated to dream big.

Gray Claw

And finally, our spotlight this week is on Arktoons newest title by the Brazilian powerhouse, Super Prumo Comics. 

Gray Claw has a long history in Brazil, first hitting the stands in 1937. Arktoons has the great privilege of bringing this cornerstone of Brazillian comics culture to the English-speaking world for the first time. We’ll let the comic book fill in the background details.

Who Is The Gray Claw? image number 1

Source: Gray Claw


Who Is The Gray Claw? image number 2

Source: Gray Claw


Who Is The Gray Claw? image number 3

Source: Gray Claw

This is an extremely intriguing start.  Super Prumo’s new additions to this legacy are hotly anticipated.

That’s it for this week’s Arktoon’s round-up.

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See you next week.

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