HBO Max is developing more Game of Thrones content with two more animated series reportedly in development.

This news comes after it was reported back in January that HBO Max was developing an animated series based on Game of Thrones.

With this new report from The Hollywood Reporter, it brings the total of animated Game of Thrones projects up to three.

The Hollywood Reporter claims that one of the animated series that HBO Max is developing will be centered on The Golden Empire of Yi Ti.

Source: The World of Ice & Fire: The Untold History of Westeros And The Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones creator George R.R. Martin provided a number of details on The Golden Empire of Yi Ti in his companion book, The World of Ice & Fire: The Untold History of Westeros and the Game of Thrones.

In the book Martin details that Yi Ti is “a large and diverse country, a realm of windswept plains and rolling hills, jungles and rain forests, deep lakes and rushing rivers and shrinking inland seas.”

It’s also an extremely wealth country with Martin detailing, “Its legendary wealth is such as to allow its princes to live in houses of solid gold and dine on sweetmeats powdered with pearls and jade.”

Source: Game of Thrones #6

However, the current country is divided with three god-emperors who each claim “the right to don the gowns of cloth-of-gold, green pearls, and jade that tradition allows to the emperor alone.”

Not only are there three god-emperors attempting to rule the country, but it has been carved up among brigands, priest-kings, sorcerers, warlords, imperial generals, and tax collectors who each lay claim to their own domains.

Source: Game of Thrones #21

But this was not always the case. The Empire was once ruled by the descendant of the Lion of Night and Maiden-Made-of-Light called the God-on-Earth. He ruled for thousands of years until he eventually ascended to the stars.

Following his reign, his descendants ruled until the Bloodstone Emperor betrayed his sister, the Amethyst Empress, and eventually killed her. The Bloodstone Emperor would usher in a reign of terror involving necromancy, slavery, and cannibalism. This would see the kingdom enter into a period known as the Long Night.

After the Long Night, Yi Ti would be dominated by eleven different dynasties whose lengths varied with some only lasting decades and others lasting multiple centuries.

Source: Game of Thrones #15

As to what the other two animated series are about, The Hollywood Reporter claimed “HBO Max also had no comment on the two new animated projects.”

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