A brand new Lord of the Rings rumor claims to provide more details about the Amazon show’s nudity.

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Back in October rumors from both The One Ring and Knight Edge Media claimed the show would feature nude scenes.

The rumors were based on a number of casting calls as well as the hiring of an Intimacy Coordinator. 

Source: Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

The One Ring specifically pointed to a casting call on BGT that read, “BGT are currently on the search for talent who are comfortable with partial or full nudity. (Intimacy guidelines will always be followed on set) We are after all shapes, sizes and uniquely beautiful looks.”

The casting call continued, “You’ll be needed for background extra and featured extra work on an upcoming TV production shooting in Auckland.”

Source: BGT

While the casting call does not specifically mention The Lord of the Rings, The One Ring’s Cliff Broadway claimed that the codeword “JAZZ” is connected to The Lord of the Rings production.

Knight Edge Media would also report that the show hired New Zealand native Jennifer Ward-Lealand as an Intimacy Coordinator for Amazon’s UAP. The project is even listed on Ward-Lealand’s website.

According to The One Ring’s Cliff Broadway, the Amazon Studios UAP project “is the catch-all working title for LOTR.”

Source: JenniferWardLealand.com

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While the featured nudity was simply rumors, fans had concerns and a Change.org petition was even created requesting Amazon keep nudity out of the show. 

It doesn’t appear that the petition had any effect as this new rumor claims nudity will indeed be featured in the series. However, it’s claimed that it will be sexless.

Source: Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

The One Ring’s Cliff Broadway explains “nudity is sparse and not sexualized — contrary to earlier concerns: but rather this artistic choice represents very dark thematic material suggestive of concentration camp-type visuals of victims, a harrowing portrayal of the corruption of the Elves by dark powers to ultimately become Orcs.”

Broadway editorializes, “If this plays out fully it will may well be one of the most ambitious things undertaken by this production and perhaps by anyone attempting to adapt Tolkien.”

Source: Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

What do you make of this new rumor regarding Amazon’s The Lord of the Rings show?