New Western Titled ‘Snakehand’ From Chuck Dixon Coming To Arktoons

Source: Snakehand

Chuck Dixon and Arkhaven Comics publisher Vox Day continue their partnership as Dixon will be bringing a brand new western to Arktoons, Arkhaven’s webcomic platform.

Source: Snakehand

Dixon’s partnership with Day and Arkhaven runs deep as he’s currently penning new Midnight’s War stories. He also has Chuck Dixon’s Avalon, Alt-Hero Q, Something Big, Go Monster Go!, and more on the webcomic platform.

Not to mention, Dixon has also been curating a number of classic comics to incorporate on the platform that include a number of different genres such as mystery and war.

Source: Chuck Dixon Presents Classic War Stories

The new western is titled Snakehand and sees Dixon team with artist John Neal to tell the story of Texas lawman Joe Wiley as he attempts to bring law and order to the hive of scum and villainy known as Mercury Wells.

The official description begins, “The Texas town wanted law and order. What they got was Joe Wiley. As a young man he roamed the border country with a pack of wolves who walked like men, until fate placed him on another path.”

“Joe Wiley took to wearing a badge and became a man with a reputation for never backing down from a fight. But the cesspool of vice, murder and corruption that calls itself Mercury Wells has turned out to be the toughest challenge this lawman-for-hire has ever faced,” it concludes.

Source: Midnight’s War

Dixon spoke to Bounding Into Comics about the series and revealed that the original publisher he brought the book to thought it was too violent.

He told us, “This is a new edition of a book John Neal and I did a few years back. I took it to Castalia House because the publisher I brought it to thought it was too violent.”

Dixon also provided us some more details about the book saying, “It’s the story of a lawless town that hires the toughest gunhand they can find to bring order out of chaos. he shows them what real chaos looks like.”

Source: Chuck Dixon Presents Mystery Classics

Snakehand will be the first in a series of action thrillers called The Sidewinders that Arktoons promises will “set the west ablaze.” It is set to debut on Arktoons in September. The second volume will be titled La Gringa.

Snakehand isn’t the only book that Dixon has in the works for Arktoons. The official Arkhaven Comics Patreon posted an update detailing that Dixon will also be teaming up with Anthony Gonzales-Clark for a book titled My Sister Suprema.

No details about what the series will be about were revealed, but Dixon did reveal a cover and it shows a giant robot looking to pummel a female superhero.

Take a look.

Source: My Sister Suprema

Dixon previously revealed a sneak peek at the series back in July when he shared artwork showing a woman using a knife to put herself in an extremely awkward position in a doorway.

Source: My Sister Suprema

Outside of Dixon, Arktoons will also be launching a new science fiction series called Faraway Wars.

No details on the creative team or what the story is about were revealed, but Vox Day did share a sample page revealing what looks to be three heroes being celebrated in a futuristic world that includes flying cruise ships.

Source: Faraway Wars

Are you looking forward to these upcoming titles on Arktoons? Which one are you most looking forward to?

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