Rumor: Alleged Matrix Resurrections Plot Leak Supposedly Reveals Film’s Unsurprising Twist

Source: The Matrix Resurrections (2021), Warner Bros.

According to an alleged leak of the film’s plot, the upcoming Matrix sequel, Matrix Resurrections, will not only serve as a ‘reboot’ of the cyberpunk franchise, but will also feature an unsurprising twist surrounding two of its main protagonists.

Source: The Matrix Resurrections (2021), Warner Bros.

These supposed details were shared by YouTuber WorldofGeekdom who claimed to have received a complete synopsis of Matrix Resurrections from a friend who had allegedly seen an early production screening of the film.

In his video discussing the film’s plot – which had to be reuploaded on June 30th after Warner Bros. hit the YouTuber’s original upload with a copyright claim – WorldofGeekdom began by noting that the film’s eponymous virtual reality setting had been ‘updated’ – both literally and thematically.

“They literally make jokes in the movie about how WB likes to do reboots,” said WorldofGeekdom. “In the movie, there’s tons of meta jokes about doing reboots.”

Stating that Resurrections is “not a prequel or anything,” but in fact a direct sequel to Revolutions, the YouTuber then turned to detail the film’s alleged plot, beginning with how the “movie opens with agents chasing down a character named ‘Bugs’ – now, again, this movie mirrors the first Matrix, how that movie starts with Trinity – played by Jessica Henwick.”

“Morpheus is an Agent now,” said WorldofGeekdom. “So, he corners [Bugs] on a roof, and she knows who he is, and she triggers his mind and ‘unlocks his mind,’ [causing him to remember] that he’s Morpheus.”

Source: The Matrix Resurrections (2021), Warner Bros.

Of Morpheus’ younger appearance, bestowed upon the character courtesy of Aquaman actor Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, the YouTuber explained, “this Morpheus is not the original Morpheus,” but rather “a ‘bootleg copy’ of the original Morpheus who forgot who he was and became an Agent.”

“Neo is the one who updated the Matrix at some point and made him and created this copy,” he explained. “The original Morpheus played by Lawrence Fishburne is dead – he died of old age, because the Matrix Resurrections takes place 60 years after the end of Revolutions. So, the Morpheus from that era is dead – he’s an old man who died of old age in the real world. This is a copy that was imprinted into the Matrix, the new Matrix, by Neo.”

“New Morpheus does not have a human body, he is a codex – that’s the word that was used, ‘codex’ – so new Morpheus does not know everything about the old Morpheus but there’s hints of the old ones in there,” said WorldofGeekdom. “It’s kind of like a reincarnation within the Matrix.”

Source: The Matrix Resurrections (2021), Warner Bros.

Briefly noting that “Cristina Ricci plays Neo’s boss [and] does not have a lot of scenes in this movie,” WorldofGeekdom revealed that “Neil Patrick Harris is Neo’s therapist, who is a villain, revealed later in the film as being ‘The Analyst.’ That is the main villain of this film.”

“So, basically,” he explained, “what’s going on is that Neo is alive in the Matrix, he’s a video game developer in the Matrix. 60 years after Matrix Revolutions happened, during that time there was a purge that happened in the Matrix. The Analyst appeared during that time, who is a rogue program who wants control of the Matrix and he tries to take over by recruiting people to join him.”

As Neo’s therapist, The Analyst will purportedly be “manipulating Neo’s mind.” 

Source: The Matrix Resurrections (2021), Warner Bros.

“The Analyst is trying to suppress [Neo] so he does not unlock his full power,” explained the Youtuber. “The Analyst wants control of the Matrix and wants to stop Neo from unlocking his power because he knows that this ‘systemic anomaly’ could stop him. The Analyst wants to control everything, including the machines.”

“Because of all this that happened,” he continued, “this ‘Matrix update’ that happened, some of the characters from the past remained, some were copies created by Neo – so it’s like a reboot, again, it is a reboot of the Matrix, literally, in the meta sense, in the movie.”

“Neo thinks that everything around him is not real. He thinks he’s dead and somehow stuck in the afterlife. It’s not stated like that, but it’s implied. He has PTSD from the last three movies, so Neo is trying to live his life, but he’s having flashbacks of the stuff that happened in the last three movies – Oracle, Smith, all that stuff. There’s even a cat in the movie named Deja Vu.”

Source: The Matrix Resurrections (2021), Warner Bros.

In regards to the manipulation of Neo’s mind, WorldofGeekdom stated, “as this is going on, The Analyst is telling Neo, ‘Those were just dreams’ and ‘None of this ever happened.’ Neo forgot who he was, but not entirely. He doesn’t know who he is, but he still has some memories of the past.”

“There’s a scene in the movie where Neo recognizes a woman at a coffee shop who looks like Trinity, and it is played by Carrie Ann Moss, but this woman is not Trinity because she’s married and has a kid,” he explained. “So Neo sees her, and he’s like ‘Is that Trinity?’ or is he losing his mind? And of course, The Analyst is there to tell Neo ‘No, no, that’s not her.’”

Source: The Matrix Resurrections (2021), Warner Bros.

“So he’s trying to prevent Neo from knowing who he really is, really was, and Trinity is the key,” WorldofGeekdom added. 

According to the YouTuber, Neo’s mental struggles take place while “Morpheus and Bugs try to find Neo,” though he notes that “Morpheus does not have a human body, but he wants to help out – eventually he realizes who he is and what not and joins Bugs,” a development which he asserted “mirrors the first Matrix.”

Source: The Matrix Resurrections (2021), Warner Bros.

WorldofGeekdom next revealed that Frozen star Jonathan Groff, who can be seen talking to an unknown figure at the end of the film’s first trailer, would be portraying Agent Smith.

“Basically what happens is,” detailed the WorldofGeekdom, “when the Matrix was updated, Agent Smith was kind of ‘copied,’ so this is a copy of the original Agent Smith with a different ‘shell.’ He was ‘remapped.’”

“Agent Smith was never truly deleted – he was just updated and remapped – and he still wants to be free,” he said, before unfortunately noting that the iconic villain “does not have the virus power from Matrix Reloaded and Revolutions, so he can’t just copy himself like he used to do.”

Unfortunately, as lamented by the YouTuber, the film does not “tell you exactly what happened in the last 60 years or what he was doing.”

Source: The Matrix Resurrections (2021), Warner Bros.

Making first mention of the extraordinarily powerful program, WorldofGeekdom then recalled that “The Merovingian was not in the Matrix when it got rebooted. He left. Obviously, I guess he did at the train station from Revolutions? But the train is not in this movie at all.”

“So new Smith brought the Merovingian back into the Matrix,” he added, tying his thoughts together. “There’s no mention of the Train Man or Persephone, but Smith wanted Merovingian to control Neo, but they never get the chance because Neo gets rescued.”

Source: The Matrix Resurrections (2021), Warner Bros.

He further explained, “The Merovingian is on Smith’s team, because Smith brought him into the Matrix, and basically he’s like this old man, this old homeless guy, who has this meta-line about how ‘The new s–t is not matching the old.’”

“That’s basically what he’s saying in a meta-way: the ‘new Matrix won’t compare to the old Matrix,” revealed WorldofGeekdom. “He’s being that guy.”

Source: The Matrix Resurrections (2021), Warner Bros.

Turning back to the film’s overarching plot, WorldofGeekdom said that, eventually, “Morpheus and Bugs find Neo and they tell him there is hope, that Trinity is alive, but Neo doesn’t believe it because he saw her die in The Matrix: Revolutions. But, eventually, Neo does go with them.”

“There’s a fight at some point in the film, early on, with Agents on a bullet train – this is probably when they fight Agent Johnson,” he said. “Neo has not unlocked his full powers here, because he did not believe – remember, like in the [first] Matrix, he has to believe in who he is, and him being the One, to tap into his powers – but he doesn’t believe.”

Source: The Matrix Resurrections (2021), Warner Bros.

Thus, WorldofGeekdom noted, “he’s fighting but he doesn’t have the powers of the One entirely – he can do some things, but it’s not the power of the One.”

“They eventually go to Zion,” WorldofGeekdom further recalled. “They take Neo out of the Matrix with the red pill, just like before – it mirrors the first movie. They meet Niobe at Zion who is now really, really old – it’s been 60 years.”

Source: The Matrix Resurrections (2021), Warner Bros.

“Niobe explains that the day Neo and Trinity died, the Machines in the Machine City took their bodies and repaired them, so they were resurrected by the Machines.”

“Neo’s body was fine, but Trinity got impaled, but the Machines rescued her and put her back into the Matrix with a rebuilt body, and because of that, she’s in her own pod,” WorldofGeekdom explained. “So Neo gets put back into a pod like in the first movie and so does Trinity. He does not believe he’s alive, and does not believe he’s the One, but he’s still been living in the Matrix believing it’s not real.”

Source: The Matrix Resurrections (2021), Warner Bros.

“So Niobe’s people end up saving Neo from the pod – they go to Zion, they take him out – and that’s when they explain everything. But during the movie, Neo is starting to realize that Trinity actually might be alive, and so when the Machines save them, and they repair them, they kind of age differently. Even though it’s been 60 years, Neo and Trinity have not aged that much, thanks to the mechanical implants of the Machines.”

“The plot of the movie starts after they find out that Trinity and Neo survived, and basically the plot is, they need to go to the Machine ‘crops’ to wake Trinity up. In the real world, they board a ship, but what happens is, they have to go back and forth between the Matrix and the real world. They’re basically trying to go back and forth, and Morpheus being AI uses AI to interact with machines. So they bring this machine to wake Trinity up and they eventually wake Trinity up in the real world.”

Source: The Matrix Resurrections (2021), Warner Bros.

WorldofGeekdom next detailed how, utilizing this interesting ‘gameplay’ mechanic of hopping between the Matrix and the Real World, “at some point during the movie, it wasn’t specified to me exactly when, they run into Smith at a place that resembles an abandoned factory in the Matrix, and they jump back and forth between the Matrix and the real world, and this is where Merovingian appears.”

“There’s a scene where Bugs and Morpheus fight Smith’s henchmen, who apparently are not Agents, and then Neo and Smith happens and Smith kicks Neo’s ass. Neo is not the One at this point,” he summarized, before revealing that, bizarrely, “[after this fight] we don’t see Smith again except for one appearance near the end. He doesn’t do anything else.”

Source: The Matrix Resurrections (2021), Warner Bros.

Speaking to the “the climax of the film,” WorldofGeekdom then spoke to how it would see the protagonists “wake Trinity up, and they go to a scene – I guess at some point they jack back in – there’s a scene where they go to a coffee shop with The Analyst and a bunch SWAT guys and agents everywhere, and Neo talks to the Analyst.”

“The Analyst says he wants to make a deal with Neo – Trinity will walk through the door, and if she remembers who Neo is, that he’ll leave because he can’t stop him,” he continued. “But if she does not remember, he will fight for the Matrix and take down Neo who does not have his full power.”

Source: The Matrix Resurrections (2021), Warner Bros.

“So it’s explained at some point that Trinity feeds power to Neo and vice versa – like a Rey and Kylo thing,” WorldofGeekdom asserted. 

“She walks through the door, she remembers Neo, and then we have this big final battle because The Analyst breaks his promise,” he added. “What happens is, they show that there’s like, an evil AI, and they’re all together, and they work for The Analyst – you know, his minions – and this swarm of AI infect people in the city and turn them into these, like, Zombies. Not Zombies like the ones in the Dawn of the Dead movies, but they’re being controlled by the AI, and they attack Neo and Trinity. Here we have this big chase sequence where they chase down Neo and Trinity through the city.”

Source: The Matrix Resurrections (2021), Warner Bros.

It is at this point that WorldofGeekdom revealed one of, if not the major twist – which, while certainly a ‘twist,’ should come as no surprise to anyone who has seen a Hollywood production in the last ten years. 

“Throughout the movie they tease that Neo tries to fly but he can’t do it,” said the YouTuber. “There’s a flashback in the start of the movie where he actually tried to jump off a roof because of his memories, but he’s talked out of it by The Analyst.”

Source: The Matrix Resurrections (2021), Warner Bros.

“[At the end of this action sequence] they end up on the top of a building, so they hold hands and they jump off the building, but this time Trinity is the one to fly” he revealed. “So Trinity now has the powers of the One.”

“It’s not explained how Trinity got Neo’s power,” he added. 

Source: The Matrix Resurrections (2021), Warner Bros.

However, this is not where the film ends, as WorldofGeekdom then detailed “the last scene of the film,” which reportedly sees “Neo and Trinity confront The Analyst at his house.”

“Trinity starts cutting up his face with her new powers, like literally peeling his face and then putting it back on as a warning – like deleting him, basically,” he concluded. “At that point, both Neo and Trinity know how to fly, and they both together fly towards the screen, and that’s how the movie ends.”

Source: The Matrix Resurrections (2021), Warner Bros.

The Matrix Resurrections is set to release on December 22nd.

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