Cyberfrog creator Ethan Van Sciver recently reported that he has been banned from ComicBooks subreddit.

If you are unfamiliar with the ComicBooks subreddit, it is a forum that has over 2 million accounts subscribed and one of the largest comic book focused subreddits on Reddit.

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Van Sciver informed his followers that he had been on Twitter.

He tweeted, “How soybased is reddit?? Someone posted a question, ‘Will Ethan Van Sciver ever be invited to comic cons again?’ I responded ‘Yes, I do get invited to several. I will make at least two appearances in 2022.'”

“That’s ALL I’ve ever posted on reddit. I got this message. Lmfao,” he added.

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Attached to his tweet was a screenshot that informed his account, FrogKingLordHigh, that he had been banned. It reads, “You have been permanently banned from participating in r/comicboooks. You can still view and subscribe to r/comicbooks, but you want be able to post or comment.”

It continued stating, “If you have a question regarding your ban, you can contact the moderator team for r/comicbooks by replying to this message.”

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Van Sciver provided more information on YouTube saying, “I’ve been banned from Reddit. I don’t even use Reddit. I didn’t even do anything wrong.”

He would later state, “Imagine being entrusted with this miniscule amount of power and then immediately abusing it for no reason. Like, ‘I have a tiny bit of control over people that I don’t like and I’m going to immediately abuse the power I’m given.'”

Van Sciver then stated, “I will not participate on r/comicbooks.”

If you look at FrogKingLordHigh’s profile, you will see that he did indeed reply to a post from user Gavica who asked, “Will Ethan Van Sciver be invited to conventions again?”

Van Sciver responded, “Yes! Of course! I’m invited to conventions every year, and I will be visiting my wonderful fans in 2022!”

Source: Cyberfrog 2: Rekt Planet

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Van Sciver had also previously commented on the r/comicbooks subreddit almost a year ago when user Sinestro4life posted to the forum, “Why are people so upset at him? I met him once he seemed nice enough. I always knew he was a conservative (I am not but it never bothered me that he was). He is one one my fav artists, however, what happened? I always thought he was a mainstream conservative.”

In that instance Van Sciver wrote back, “I’m an absolute charmer!”

He’s also engaged on the Saltier Than Krayt, SJW Rabbit Hole, and Action Figures subreddits. However, he doesn’t appear to be very active on Reddit.

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As for why he was banned, it does not appear an explanation was given to Van Sciver. However, on the subreddit’s FAQ page under Rule 1: Be Civil it states, “Any form of bigotry or support of hate groups (such as comicsgate) is not permitted.”

Ironically enough in the next sentence the subreddit exposes themselves as bigots. It reads, “Please be respectful of people’s pronouns. Intentionally continuing to use the incorrect pronouns after being corrected is a violation of Rule 1.”

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 Bishop Michael Burbidge of the Diocese of Arlington in his A Catechesis on the Human Person and Gender Ideology instructs the faithful to “avoid using ‘gender-affirming’ terms or pronouns that convey approval of or reinforce the person’s rejection of the truth. It is not harsh or judgmental to decline to use such language.”

Bishop Burbidge adds, “In the broader culture, Catholics may experience significant pressure to adopt culturally-approved terminology. However, in no circumstances should anyone be compelled to use language contrary to the truth. The right to speak the truth inheres in the human person and cannot be taken away by any human institution.”

“Attempts by the state, corporations, or employers to compel such language, particularly by threats of legal action or job loss, are unjust. We must love in the truth, and truth must be accurately conveyed by our words. At the same time, clarity must always be at the service of charity, as part of a broader desire to move people towards the fulness of the truth,” he elaborates.

Given the fact that the r/comicbooks is actually showing prejudice against the Catholic faith, the definition of bigotry, they should follow their own rules and delete the page. But it’s unlikely they will do so given they clearly reject the truth.

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Van Sciver isn’t the only person being banned from r/comicbooks. Bleeding Fool author and comic book promoter Chris Braly was banned from the subreddit back in June 2020 after attempting to promote Mike Baron’s Florida Man IndieGoGo.

Braly’s initial post promoting the IndieGoGo was removed to keep “communities safe, civil, and true to their purpose.”

Source: Florida Man

Not only would the promotional post be banned, but Braly received a personal ban. Unlike Van Sciver they claimed he was banned for “Comisgate support.”

A moderator explained, “Comicsgate support is not tolerated on this subreddit, such as pro-comicsgate websites like Bleeding Fool and comicsgate-lead crowdfunding campaigns like those from Chris Braly.”

Source: Reddit

What do you make of r/comicbooks banning Ethan Van Sciver?

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