Early Audience Scores Arrive For Marvel’s Eternals

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Marvel’s latest film Eternals is out in theaters today and early audience reactions and scores are coming in.

Rotten Tomatoes

On Rotten Tomatoes, the film currently has an 86% Verified Audience Score with an average rating of 4.3 out of 5 from over 1,000 ratings.

Source: Rotten Tomatoes

However, looking at the All Audience score, it drops to 83% with an average rating of 4.1 out of 5 from over 5,000 ratings.

Source: Rotten Tomatoes

Here’s what moviegoers are saying about the film:

Christian V gives the film 4 out of 5 stars. He writes, “I do not know what happens to the critics, really the film is not what they say, it is an epic film that seeks to break a formula established during 10 years of the MCU. Bravo for Marvel Studios that wants to do different projects”

Jack D gives the film 5 out of 5 stars. He says, “Truly one of the most extraordinary feats Marvel as ever made. Though sometimes the plot is not as turbulent as other marvel films, this movie is filmed beautifully with wonderful cinematography and a story set for an Oscar worthy title.”

Roderick W gives the film 3 out of 5 stars. He states, “It was an okay movie for an origin story and setup film. It didn’t move me or make me cheer. Scenes looked cool but a lot of superhero movies do too. I expected more. This is a movie I would rent. It was mehhhh.”

Source: Eternals

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Phil L gives the movie 5 out of 5 stars. He says, “Eternals marks a significant change in pace from the formulaic lighthearted fanfare of the MCU. It is an epic drama with a centuries spanning spanning plot that illustrates classic moral philosophical dilemmas from the perspective of a family conflicted by a sense of duty. Eternals also makes large contributions to the world building of the MCU. While there are certainly some issues with pacing, and the climax is your typical big effects heavy superhero fight, I appreciate marvels willingness to finally experiment with tone and I’m excited to see more.”

Tedder R gives the film .5 out of 5 stars. The user states, “Eternals was a complete waste of time. It tried too much and defied its own constructs on numerous occasions. The cast has some people who could have been pillars to hold up a movie, but with such a large number of actors, they never seemed to become a crew. This movie fell victim to an overwhelmed director who was pushed to the front of the line although never producing anything near the caliber of a Marvel Cinematic Universe film. Not sure if this elevates Captain Marvel to a watchable level, but it certainly makes Dark World look better. Honestly could have benefited from a Disney plus treatment to provide it more time to build a coherent story. Save your money and buy a colonoscopy prep, you will enjoy it more. 1/2 out of 5 stars for Kumail Nanjiani who managed to produce some moments of entertainment.”

Leslie S gives the film 5 out of 5 stars. The user writes, “Yet another awesome Marvel movie that really touches on lore from the comics while adding a fresh take on inclusiveness. The best part is that this is a MCU film you can watch without having to go back and watch all the other films beforehand. Sure, it helps to understand some of the specifics (especially in the first post-credit scene!), but it’s not a necessity. Also: stay until the end there’s two post-credit scenes and the second was so good it made me forget to validate my parking! Let’s just say it ties in big-time to what’s coming up in the MCU…”

Source: Eternals

Marcus H gives the film 4 out of 5 stars. He writes, “The Eternals is a very good film! It is very different than what most see as a “Marvel Movie”. A good epic film using super heroes as it’s medium to paint the picture, the Eternals surpassed my expectations.”

Naveen V gives the film 2.5 out of 5 stars. The user says, “While the concept of Eternals is intriguing, the film greatly suffers from having to tell too much with too many characters in too little time and the end result is messy, convoluted and great in parts but also a bit boring at times as the film takes almost 70% of its runtime to introduce all of the characters with a plethora of exposition in between to set up an end of world finale that is supposed to feel serious, high stake and emotional but as an audience, you feel any of that as you don’t feel attached to any of the characters or the story leaving you with a bemused experience in the end. Eternals is not one of MCU’s top tier films but it’s also not it’s worst either as some critics paint it to be. The answer is it’s somewhere in the middle to the lower-middle echelon of the MCU.”

Dwayne R gives the film 3.5 out of 5 stars. He says, “Slow start and can be a bit confusing. But once it picks up, it’s so worth it.”

Source: Eternals


On IMDb, the film has a much lower rating than Rotten Tomatoes. It currently has a weighted average of 6.8 out of 10 from 15,004 IMDb users.

The median score is an 8 while the arithmetic mean is a 6.9. There are 4,261 perfect 10 out of 10 ratings and 2,038 1 out of 10 ratings.

Source: IMDb

Looking at demographics, the film performs poorly with older audiences with an average rating of 6.2 from people 45+.

It also appears to have performed better with women across all age demographics with an average rating of 7.4 compared to men giving the film an average rating of 6.6.

There is no difference between moviegoers in the United States and abroad.

Source: IMDb

Here’s what IMDb users are saying:

Rainbowbeany gives the film 7 out of 10 stars. The user states, “First of all, I’m going to have to watch this again. There is too much to unpack for just one viewing. There is so much exposition that I got confused often. Especially when bouncing between time periods. The cinematography was fantastic! The action was pretty good. Angelina Jolie was the highlight for me. Can’t wait to see fight along side some Avengers. It would have a higher score if it was shorter, had better story flow, & more character balance. I mean, Kit Harrington is barely in it! Ends on a cliffhanger and shows clear direction for where they are going next. I just hope we get to see it!”

Alex_m-05629 gives the movie 2 out of 10 stars writing, “I watched the movie because I am visiting a friendly family in Germany! And I’m damn disappointed! What should I write so that there are no spoilers ?! Some compare it to Zack Snyder’s Justice League, but that’s not true at all! It’s more like the Justice League, but the Joss Whedon’s theatrical cut! Others compare it to Dune, only the latter is a much better film. There are really beautiful views in the movie, but as a story it’s very bad! There is no other way, after so many new characters are presented in one movie! Playing with the religion of many people, as well as “diversity”, at the expense of good history, are the big disadvantages of this film. And besides, this film tries to copy the characters of the DC Justice League almost entirely.”

Mawallin gives the movie a 6 out of 10 saying, “As expected it’s visually spectacular with great CGI and photography. Acting is mostly good and the story is actually not so bad but this should never have been a 2.35 hour movie. I don’t mind a slow paced movie that builds up towards the end but so many scenes are there seemimgly without a purpose or could at least have been cut in half. Too bad because this could have been a pretty good movie if the story had been told differently and in a more suspensfull manor.”

HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA – OCTOBER 18: (L-R) Kit Harington, Lia McHugh, Kumail Nanjiani, Producer and VP of Production & Development at Marvel Studios Nate Moore, Salma Hayek, Executive Producer and Marvel Studios Co-President Louis D’Esposito, Richard Madden, Director/Screenwriter Chloé Zhao, Gemma Chan, Producer and President of Marvel Studios and CCO of Marvel Kevin Feige, Brian Tyree Henry, Executive Producer and Executive VP of Production Marvel Studios Victoria Alonso, Lauren Ridloff, Don Lee, and Angelina Jolie arrives at the Premiere of Marvel Studios’ Eternals on October 18, 2021 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney)

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Torn_saint gives the film a 5 out of 10 writing, “An esoteric film, not easy to watch. Philosophically the message on faith above all and finally freeing oneself from manipulation, seems to me understandable because of the rise of fundenmatalism. Between prophecy and reality, a marvel like no other.”

Friendshipjohn gives the movie a 9 out of 10. The user writes, “What a wonderful movie! Beautiful scenes, full-of-imagine super powers, the unexpected twists, the belief in the goodness of human, the power of love…as a Marvel fan, i love it so much.”

Israelalelei-53441 gives the film a 10 out of 10 writing, “Despite mixed reviews, I’m gonna admit that I was bored of Marvel same formula. Eternals finally approach a darker and a more mature direction compared to previous MCU movies. Eternals may not be like the other MCU movies, but at least I’m satisfied that Marvel take a different approachal to it’s movies.”

Source: Eternals

Kthngm gives the film a 7 out of 10. The user says, “Eternals introduces us to a new set of MCU characters with interesting characteristic and superpowers. Visually, the movie is beautiful, the cinematography is great and the visual effects of the super powers are impressive. However, what it had in visuals, it lacked in plot. The narrative and character development wasn’t great, and at some points it felt like it was too divided or it tried to tell too many stories. The dialogue in many scenes felt a bit unnatural and sometimes cringey. I still recommend people to watch it, but don’t go in with high expectations.”

nickthefreak-67210 gives the movie a 1 out of 10. The user explains, “Bad directing, Bad screenplay, Badly written, its worse than THOR. The reason is said to be the film’s LGBTQ representation but this is a false narrative pushed from MARVEL team for saving face. Eternals is jammed to the rafters with great ideas, but too many end up weighing the film down instead of letting it fly. The story is bloated and underdeveloped, featuring too many characters and a clumsy plot. Chloé Zhao] is somehow out of her element here as she struggles to juggle multiple character arcs throughout the ponderous 157-minute length.”

Novaz-51278 gives the movie a 10 out of 10. The use says, “Wow I got blown away by this movie! The cinematography and acting by the whole cast is on point. They chemistry is really good, and the fact that I cared about all 12 of the newly introduced characters in under 3 hours is a “wow” factor. Personal favourites are Thena and Gilgamesh.”

Source: The Eternals Teaser Trailer (2021), Marvel Entertainment


On Metacritic the film has the lowest audience score with a 5.8 User Score based on 180 ratings. There are 103 positive reviews, 11 mixed reviews, and 66 negative reviews.

Source: Metacritic

Here’s what folks on Metacritic are saying:

Jortigo gives the film a 10 out of 10 writing, “Eternals is one of the best things Marvel has done in years. The stories are well told. The action scenes are spectacular. The landscapes are beautiful. The costumes of the eternals are great. I have nothing negative to say about this movie.”

Sacredgary gives the movie an 8 out of 10 writing, “Yeah, it’s different. Brand new characters, a lot of new and different information that we’ve barely been touched on of outside of 2 small information dumps in both Guardians of the Galaxy movies, which we all love because they’re different, right? This movie was just a big set piece, setting up bigger things that should get people interested moving forward. It wasn’t all about action, more about feeding us information and getting to know new characters that we’ll be seeing more of in the future. And the future is bright, this movie doesn’t deserve the hate it gets.”

ThannusYT gave the film a 9 out of 10. The user wrote, “I’ve never made a review on Metacritic here, so apologies if I’m not succinct. Anyways, I left the movie theater genuinely wondering if I had seen the same movie as critics. The pacing issues they all mentioned were nonexistent. The flashbacks, when we had them, were coherent and clearly marked for audiences, making the plot more than easy to follow. I don’t often disagree with critics, and when I do I can typically still see why they see the movies the way they do. But I GENUINELY cannot even fathom why this movie was panned the way it was. It is excellent. Character writing and cinematography is excellent. The story is, as I said, quite coherent, and is even engaging and enjoyable for audiences. The humor is great and doesn’t overplay itself, and the relationships between each character is clear – no Eternal feels unimportant to the story (except for perhaps Makkari, which is unfortunate given her character was a blast). It does well to tease the future of the MCU, and it’s the best movie in Phase 4 thus far.”

Source: Eternals

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Akshatmahajan gave the film a 5 out of 10 explaining, “I was really excited for this movie and went to see this with good expectations but nothing went as expected. Script was loose and screenplay was very shattered. There were problems with editing also. Direction also felt weak, didn’t seem like it was directed by Oscar winner director. Story was weak and childish and it looked like if too much was added in the movie. This could have been easily two part movie. Overall, this movie was an unexpected disappointment. Hope, they improve in sequels.”

RapidFire gave the movie a 4 out of 10 saying, “MCU Phase 4 really has been a total bust for marvel and the streak of flops continue. First Black Widow, then Shang Chi and now Eternals. Some people say Eternals is like a DC film, far from it actually, fact is Eternals still acts like a typical MCU movie, the problem is its the same formula we have seen since phase 2 when the company was bought out by disney and people are just getting tired of it now.”

Moviemitch96 also gave the film a 4 out of 10 stating, “This latest MCU entry is… A major setback in so many ways. Eternal and immortal beings who have been around defending Earth from creatures known as deviants for over 7000 years find themselves in conflict with one another and contemplating their destiny/legacy and other such things when the deviants return to attack Earth again. Directed by Chloe Zhao (hot off her Academy Award-winning run with ‘Nomadland’), this is a major misstep for the MCU in a surprising amount of ways. Incoherently jumping around time period after time period throughout, a confusing narrative, thinly-developed characters, surprisingly slow pacing and development throughout, etc. Really the only compliments I can pay this film is that it looks beautiful (the cinematography is gorgeous), and it’s also one of the most emotional and thought-provoking MCU entries to date, which I did appreciate at times, but it wasn’t near enough to save this mess of a film. Overall, it’s an alarming decline in quality in what we’ve come to expect in the MCU. Oh and PS, the mid-credits scene cost this film a whole star for me, that’s how big of a joke it was.”

Source: Eternals

Teliporter334 gave the film a 1 out of 10 saying, “A film designed to be as boring as possible. It tries to do way too much and executes everything in the most uninspired ways possible.”

StrikeByFire gave the movie a 3 out of 10 explaining, “A disjointed plot with characters you don’t care about. Easily the worst movie in the MCU. The reasons behind the characters actions is completely random and never fully explained. They all get so little screen time that you are never invested in any of them. We only stayed for the end credit scene and even that wasn’t worth it. Waste of time.

Isaaccolsen94 gave the film a 2 out of 10 writing, “The movie fails to keep the story together and I found myself frequently bored. The filming is jumpy and unsatisfying. The actors did well with what they were given! But the directing and writing were terrible.”

Source: Eternals

What do you make of these audience scores and reviews for Marvel’s Eternals film?