Marguerite Bennett, in 2015, once wrote into her DC Bombshells series that Wonder Woman had her first kiss with Mera when she was still just an Atlantean Princess in an alternate timeline. A little over half a decade later, DC is going a few steps further down that route to allow for Diana to share another kiss with another prominent heroine.

Source: DC Comics Bombshells #99 cover by Lauren Braga

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In the medieval-set limited series Dark Knights of Steel, written by Tom Taylor with art by Yasmine Putri, it’s established that Diana of that world is in love with a version of Supergirl, who looks a little like Power Girl, named Zala-El. Zala-El is also a Princess and sister of the resident Superman, rather than a cousin, and she learns from Lois Lane that her father was killed by Green Arrow.

When Lois Lane informs Zala-El and Wonder Woman of Jor-El’s death, Diana consoles her by saying, “I’m so sorry. Whatever you need. I’m here.”

The two then embrace in a kiss before Zala flies off with tears in her eyes – a scene that feels familiar after being teased and alluded to over the years in several different timelines.

Source: Dark Knights of Steel #2, DC Comics

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Wonder Woman’s fluid sexuality was suggested in 2016’s Year One story but not declared. Undaunted, some regard remarks by its author Greg Rucka back then as confirmation she is LGBTQ when what he really did was make an inference about what living in “paradise” means on Themyscira (to him) while repudiating labels amongst the Amazons, calling them nonexistent.

“[Themyscira’s] supposed to be paradise. You’re supposed to be able to live happily,” he said during an interview with Comicosity at that time. “You’re supposed to be able — in a context where one can live happily, and part of what an individual needs for that happiness is to have a partner — to have a fulfilling, romantic, and sexual relationship. And the only options are women.”

Rucka added, “An Amazon doesn’t look at another Amazon and say, ‘You’re gay.’ They don’t. The concept doesn’t exist.”

Source: Wonder Woman: Year One Deluxe Edition cover by Greg Rucka and Nicola Scott, DC Comics

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Wonder Woman is the latest character DC Comics has made to show interest in the same sex this year, following the Son of Kal-El Jon Kent and Tim Drake.

Plenty of pundits argued they just did all this for publicity and people quickly forget and stop caring once these stories leave the headlines.

Source: Zack Snyder’s Justice League (2021), Warner Bros.

What do you make of DC Comics putting this alternate universe Wonder Woman and Supergirl into a homosexual relationship?

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