North Carolina congressional candidate Mark Judson recently claimed that he believes Terror on the Prairie actress Gina Carano “should be in prison.”

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Judson took to Twitter where he responded to an article published by The Daily Wire claiming that “Liberal Privilege Is Real” in response to Disney’s move to only suspend Whoopi Goldberg for her comments on the Holocaust where they previously fired Carano for reposting an image to her Instagram Stories.

The North Carolina congressional candidate tweeted, “Gina Carano got fired – Good! She pushed ‘The Big Lie’ – she should be in Prison – not in movies.”

“If RepubliQans weren’t too lazy too read – they might Google the definition of ‘Seditious Conspiracy’,” Judson added.

He concluded his tweet writing, “It’s time to take out the trash.”

Source: Mark Judson For Congress Twitter

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Carano isn’t the only person that Judson believes should be in prison. At the end of January, he called for President Donald Trump to be in prison. On top of that he claims the United States is currently involved in a civil war.

He tweeted, “MAGA keeps accusing me of ‘wanting’ a Civil War. Let me be clear: I don’t WANT a Civil War – I want people to understand that we’re ALREADY IN a Civil War – and we damn well better win it!”

He added, “RepubliQans started it – and Americans need to finish it! #Nazis #ArrestTrumpNow”

Source: Mark Judson For Congress Twitter

Before that, Judson claimed “if you vote for RepubliQans, then you are actively engaging in Voter Suppression, which is a DIRECT ATTACK on American Democracy!”

“You’re *NOT* a ‘Patriot.’ You’re an ‘Insurgent’. So you shouldn’t be surprised when we start treating you like one,” he added.

Source: Mark Judson For Congress Twitter

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While Judson believes Carano should be in prison, Carano called for “conversation over cancellation” after ABC News suspended Whoopi Goldberg for two weeks for her comments about the Holocaust.

Carano tweeted, “I want to send blessings & love out to the Jewish community. When I was being smeared, cancelled & misunderstood, it was a Jewish man Ben Shapiro who reached out & asked if I’d like to talk about it.”

“Maybe Whoopi Goldberg could talk to Ben,” she added. “Conversation over cancellation.”

Source: Gina Carano Twitter

As mentioned above, Carano was previously fired by ABC News’ parent company Disney from the Lucasfilm production The Mandalorian following the sharing of a social media post warning of the dangers of hating your neighbors.

The social media post in question was a screenshot from warriorgympodcast that stated, “Jews were beaten in the streets, not by Nazi soldiers but by their neighbors…even by children.”

It then featured a quote that stated, “Because history is edited, most people today don’t realize that to get to the point where Nazi soldiers could easily round up thousands of Jews, the government first made their own neighbors hate them simply for being Jews. How is that any different from hating someone for their political views?”

Accompanying these words was an image of children wielding blunt weapons chasing down a woman in undress.

Source: Gina Carano Instagram

Following this social media post, a Disney spokesman announced that Carano was fired.

The spokesman stated, “Gina Carano is not currently employed by Lucasfilm and there are no plans for her to be in the future.”

“Nevertheless, her social media posts denigrating people based on their cultural and religious identities are abhorrent and unacceptable,” the spokesman added.

Ming-Na Wen, Pedro Pascal, Executive Prodcuer Jon Favreau, Executive Producer Dave Filoni, Gina Carano, Carl Weathers, Kathleen Kennedy and Werner Herzof arrive at the premiere of Lucasfilm’s first-ever, live-action series, “The Mandalorian”, at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood, CA on November 13, 2019. “The Mandalorian” streams exclusively on Disney+.(photo: Alex J. Berliner/ABImages)

What do you make of Judson believing Gina Carano should be in prison?

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