Shadows of the Empire author Steve Perry continued his criticism of The Book of Boba following the show’s season finale that saw Boba Fett and his numerous allies face off against the Pyke Syndicate.

Source: The Book of Boba Fett

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Perry previously criticized The Book of Boba Fett following the show’s third episode where he called the show Blabba Fett.

He would even go so far as state, “The Stupid is strong here.”

Source: The Book of Boba Fett

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With Episode 5, Perry continued his criticism sarcastically explaining why the episode was the best one yet, “Episode 5 of The Book of Boba Fett? Best yet, hands down. Wanna know why? No bacta tank flashbacks. No Hutts. And … No Boba Fett.”

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Like these two previous episodes, Perry provided his thoughts on the show on Facebook.

He began his review stating, “I don’t mean to be cruel, but truth triumphs kind. Boba Fett has been, for me, the most disappointing chapter in the Star Wars saga. It gives me no pleasure to say this. I love Star Wars.”

“They had the elements — potentially -interesting characters, adept creators, a clean-canvas. And the story they choose to tell was, in a word, banal. Such a waste. This has been Iron-Fist-level missed the boat, “he continued.

Source: The Book of Boba Fett

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Perry then roasted the show for its heavy-handed dialogue, “Last episode was one long, lotta ‘splosions, battle. Very active, pretty to watch — once they stopped talking and *telling* us what was going on.”

“Understand, they didn’t need to say *anything*, they actually *had* the visuals, *showed* them, but chose to explain what the audience was seeing. It was as if they thought they were doing radio,” he elaborated.

Source: Steve Perry Facebook

From there, Perry criticized the show’s portrayal of the battle, “And in a battle that might employ the worst strategy and poorest tactics in Star Wars ever, (‘When in doubt, scream and shout, flap your arms, run all about!’) the most inept combatants, for whom pouring piss out of a boot would seem to be a major challenge, there was not on surprising moment. Not. One. Surprising. Moment.”

“Paint-by-numbers, on-the-nose, as shocking as the syllabic rhythm of a haiku,” he added.

He concluded, “Well, unless you came from a planet that has no fiction, and since you got here, you never read a novel, comic book, seen a movie, TV show, or a cartoon. Looked pretty, but as substantive as cotton candy in the Sahara.”

Source: Steve Perry Facebook

What do you make of Perry’s criticism of The Book of Boba Fett’s Season 1 finale?

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