CW’s The Flash was at its zenith when it was only getting started in the first season and that’s in large part because of the performance Tom Cavanagh turned in as Eobard Thawne, the Reverse-Flash.

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Showrunners Todd Helbing and Greg Berlanti may have noticed and so they are bringing good old Professor Zoom back this season – not that he ever really went away. Thawne has always been a presence working in the background manipulating Barry’s allies and his family across a few time periods.

This fact didn’t restrain Jesse L. Martin from teasing the return of Reverse-Flash as one of the big, upcoming surprises during an appearance on The Talk. “Everybody who is a fan of Tom Cavanagh and his Reverse-Flash…get ready,” Martin said.

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Tom Cavanagh has consistently played a recurring character that was part of Team Flash. Typically, he portrayed a variant of Harrison Wells from somewhere else in the Multiverse. Over the years we were introduced to Wellses that were French, musicians, poets, detectives, and intrepid relic hunters with a utility belt.

The Harrison Wells of Earth-Prime turned out to be assassinated by Eobard Thawne who assumed the identity to trick Barry and infiltrate his group.

Source: The Flash, The CW

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Eobard was defeated and much later lost his speed but it sounds as if he isn’t going to be down any longer or powerless. Neither will his ancestor Eddie played by Rick Cosnett. The former love interest of Iris West finds his way back to the living and has some sort of an arc to speak of.

Barry and Iris’s children Nora and Bart (Jessica Parker Kennedy and Jordan Fisher) return as well, finding themselves in 2014 when their dad got his powers. This incident may factor into Reverse-Flash reappearing and becoming a threat once again.

Find out when The Flash returns at the beginning of next month on Wednesday, March 9th, should you be interested in taking the show back up again. If you are or not, kindly sound off below.

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