Grant Gustin Rumored To Be Seen On Set Of The Flash Movie

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TV’s Flash has been rumored to meet the DCEU’s Flash again after the two famously crossed paths during the Arrowverse’s Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover event. As such, Grant Gustin may indeed encounter Ezra Miller again and in this year’s DC Films feature The Flash, no less.

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So hold onto your multiversal paradoxes because Gustin has reportedly been seen on the set of The Flash, over in the UK, taking time out of a busy schedule to pull double duty in a parallel universe.

The report comes from Brit-based scooper Small Screen where a source has apparently confirmed that he has been there. “We’ve been informed that he has been on the movie’s set,” the site’s story says.

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This bolsters an earlier scoop by Geekosity who jumped on the update. “Although this isn’t full confirmation of Grant Gustin’s participation, it’s a good sign,” their coverage says. “This will truly set The Flash into tackling the multiverse.”

It’s added Gustin was on the set back in August so whatever he filmed is already in the can though it isn’t clear what the nature of the scene is or if he will actually interact with Miller again.

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Naturally, that is the expectation and Geekosity posits Miller and Gustin’s Barrys will meet in the Speed Force, perhaps as phantoms, while it’s also possible they simply reenact the Arrowverse scene from 2019-20.

My guess is Gustin has a cameo that won’t amount to much except bringing him briefly into the Miller Flash’s reality. Gustin probably appears with no effect on the plot and slinks back to The CW to finish out his tenure there quietly.

Source: The Flash, The CW

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The film is already pretty stacked with Michael Keaton and Sasha Calle taking up space in the plot and there are long-term plans for them on the big screen – divisive as those are with fans. Ezra Miller is also rumored to play two Barry variants working together.

With there also rumored cameos by Gal Gadot, Zachary Levi, and Henry Cavill, there likely won’t be enough time or appetite on DC Films part to have them all participate in the plot in a meaningful way as The Flash folds, erases, and tinkers with the various universes in continuity.

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Some of them will be saying farewell anyhow, but what do you say? Is The Flash going to be better or worse with/without the presence of Grant Gustin? Sound off below freely.

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