Even though no one knows how The Flash will perform with moviegoers when it releases next year, a new scoop suggests that a sequel to the Scarlet Speedster’s cinematic solo outing could already be under consideration.

Source: Justice League (2017), Warner Bros.

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According to Beyond The Trailer host and tipster Grace Randolph, Warner Bros. is happy with what they’re seeing from both Andy Muschietti and the film as whole, and thus want to get a sequel in motion as soon as possible.

“I just heard #WarnerBros feels so good about #TheFlash they are trying to put together a deal for a sequel,” she wrote on Twitter.

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If accurate, this scoop might encourage a few of the fans who are skeptical of The Flash throughout its entire time in development purgatory to give the film a chance.

While Randolph seems excited, we all should take into account that we know almost nothing about the film except that there two Batmen will make an appearance (one of whom may die), Supergirl (Sasha Calle) is an important character, and Barry (Ezra Miller) will confront an evil variant of himself.

Source: Justice League (2017), Warner Bros.

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Furthermore, we are too familiar with what happens when WB lets their overeagerness get the best of them.

As was reported previously, the studio was so pleased with and so sure about the success of Wonder Woman 1984 after director Patty Jenkins screened the film for them that they immediately green lit a third sequel, as well as an Amazons spinoff.

However, after lockdowns made us wait longer and longer for WW84, it finally dropped on streaming and in theaters last December, only to flop, badly, everywhere.

Source: Wonder Woman 1984 (2020), Warner Bros. Pictures

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Then you have the inverse scenario with The Batman, where the studio is allegedly mad at director Matt Reeves based on the dailies he’s shown them, how Robert Pattinson looks in the suit, and the dark tone of the material.

Due to that, onlookers lukewarm to the very idea of The Batman are beginning to change their minds and view Warner’s tepidity as a good omen for the film’s quality – though we should all bear in mind the reported friction between Reeves and WB is only a rumor.

There is also speculation that The Batman will get not only a sequel, but a full-blown trilogy, on top of the already-announced Gotham PD and Penguin HBO Max spinoffs.

Source: The Batman – DC FanDome Teaser, Warner Bros. Pictures

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We’ll find out this coming March if the Reeves/Pattinson reinvention of the Dark Knight deserves a sequel and the same goes for The Flash when it runs across the theatrical Multiverse in November 2022.

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