Hugh Jackman is rumored to reprise his role as Wolverine in Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

This rumor comes from Mikey Sutton at Geekosity and after repeated denials from Jackman over the past couple years.

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To that point, Jackman claimed he would not return to the role of Wolverine in an interview with Jake Hamilton on his YouTube channel Jake’s Takes.

Hamilton asked Jackman, “Is there a story angle or a pitch under that multiverse umbrella that could convince you to reprise Wolverine?”

Jackman answered, “Well, the fact, Jake, that I’m hearing about this from you and there’s nothing in my inbox from Kevin Feige means it’s, probably, no matter what idea I came up with, not on the table. Let’s just be clear there.”

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Jackman then stated, “I realized before we shot Logan, I was like, ‘We got the idea, we knew what it going to be ish, right?’ And I thought, ‘This is it.’”

“And that really helped me. It really helped knowing I was going into my last season that it was my last season. That I made the most of it,” he continued.

He concluded, “And it’s still a character I hold close to my heart. But I know it’s done. Tell that to whoever you want, but please tell it to Ryan because he doesn’t believe it. He thinks I’m joking. Please.”

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Despite Jackman’s claim that he’s not returning to the role, back in November, Sutton claimed the actor would reprise his role as Wolverine stating, “Hugh Jackman will reunite with Stewart” in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

He goes on to point out that Jackman came on board because Marvel was able to get Patrick Stewart to return to the role of Professor X. However, this version will be a variant of Professor X and not the same version shown in Logan.

Sutton claims, “Professor X is a variant in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. In other words, Logan is untouched.”

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Sutton is not the only one to claim that Jackman is returning as Wolverine. A massive alleged leak from Reddit user MatthewFreeman235 claims that he’s also returning to the role.

While describing a scene where Wanda is at a farmhouse playing with her two children, the alleged leaker states, “Professor X, Magento, and the original trilogy X-Men: Famke Jansen as Jean Grey, Halle Berry as Storm, James Marsden as Cyclops, and Hugh Jackman as Wolverine) are in this scene in comics accurate yellow costumes.”

A battle reportedly ensues that also involves the Fantastic Four with the leaker saying, “Jean Grey and Wolverine do damage to Wanda, but she uses Jean Grey’s power against Wolverine and he slowly gets incinerated like in X-Men: The Last Stand.”

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Stewart’s voice is heard in the most recent trailer for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse Madness seemingly confirming the claim that Professor X is returning, which could mean that Sutton’s leak about Jackman and Wolverine could be true as well.

It would also follow the pattern that Marvel Studios is now employing as seen in Spider-Man: No Way Home, where they brought back Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire to reprise their roles as Peter Parker Spider-Man. They also brought back Willem Dafoe as Green Goblin and Alfred Molina as Doctor Octopus.

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What do you make of this rumor? Do you think Jackman will reprise his role as Wolverine?

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