The Oscars Reportedly Invites Self-Admitted Racist And West Side Story Actor Rachel Zegler To Be Presenter

Ansel Elgort as Tony and Rachel Zegler as Maria in 20th Century Studios’ WEST SIDE STORY Photo by Niko Tavernise

A new report claims that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the organization that puts on the Academy Awards or the Oscars, invited self-admitted racist and West Side Story actor Rachel Zegler to be a presenter for the awards show.

Rachel Zegler as Maria in 20th Century Studios’ WEST SIDE STORY. Photo by Niko Tavernise © 2020 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

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Back at the end of May 2020, Zegler admitted she was a racist on Twitter writing, “If you think using my platform as any decent human being should is ‘barking orders’, hahaha. Ok. I have donated, shared, and will continue to educate myself on the never ending racism that I— and many other white/white passing people— am to blame for. Do the same. Be well.”

Source: Rachel Zegler Twitter

Regarding her invite to be a presenter, the report from The Hollywood Reporter comes after Zegler claimed she had not been invited to the awards ceremony on her personal Instagram.

In the comments section of a recent post a fan stated, “Can’t wait to see what you’ll be wearing on Oscar night.”

Zegler replied, “I’m not invited so sweatpants and my boyfriend’s flannel.”

Source: Rachel Zegler Instagram

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She would follow that up writing, “idk y’all i have tried it all but it doesn’t seem to be happening :’) i will root for west side story from my couch and be proud of the work we so tirelessly did 3 years ago. i hope some last minute miracle occurs and i can celebrate our film in person but they, that’s how it goes sometimes, i guess.”

“thanks for all the shock and outrage — i’m disappointed, too,” she concluded. “but that’s okay. so proud of our movie.”

Source: Rachel Zegler Instagram

On Twitter she would write, “my goodness, folks!! appreciate all the support, i really really do. we live in such unprecedented times, and a lot of work behind the scenes goes into making movie magic happen. that goes for film productions (like the one I am so lucky to be currently shooting in london)…”

Source: Rachel Zegler Twitter

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In a follow-up she added, “…and awards shows alike. let’s all just respect the process and i’ll get off my phone x R.”

Source: Rachel Zegler Twitter

The Hollywood Reporter’s Scott Feinberg now claims that Zegler has been invited to be a presenter at the ceremony.

He writes, “THR hears that efforts are being undertaken to rearrange [Snow White’s] shooting schedule to enable Zegler to be at the Oscars.”

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – NOVEMBER 29: (L-R) Ariana DeBose, Steven Spielberg, and Rachel Zegler attend the New York premiere of West Side Story on November 29, 2021 in New York City. (Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for 20th Century Studios)

What do you make of the decision to invite a self-admitted racist to the Oscars? Are you surprised they invited her?

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