A leaker has claimed Grand Theft Auto VI will feature two protagonists, a brother and sister, marking the series’ first female protagonist.

Source: Grand Theft Auto V (2013), Rockstar Games

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GTA leaker “Matheusvictorbr” claims to have knowledge of Grand Theft Auto VI’s protagonists (translated via Twitter’s built-in Google Translate).

“Recently I received Information about the next entry in the GTA Series,” Matheusvictorbr wrote. “The idea that Rockstar Games proposed was the story of 2 brothers [siblings] – 1 male and 1 female – who separated after their parents were killed, in the Prologue in 2003.”

Source: Matheusbr9895_, Twitter

“The idea proposed by Rockstar was never to have several decades unleashed in the game,” Matheusvictorbr alleged, “but rather destructive environments and map changes based on the course of the story. And I can’t wait for Rockstar to start real marketing soon, until 2024! See you.”

Source: Matheusbr9895_, Twitter

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The brother and sister pairing would mark the first time the series has had a female protagonist. Based on Grand Theft Auto V, it’s also likely the sister may be treated differently by certain NPCs than the brother- as were all three of Grand Theft Auto V’s protagonists one way or another.

Destruction is also an interesting point. If the game has an online element, whatever is destroyed in theory shouldn’t affect the overall map too much.

Source: Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition (2021), Rockstar Games

For example, a player could appear to walk “through” a building they had destroyed on their game, but others had not. They could also stand in mid-air on an area other players had leveled later in the story. Then again, players may simply encounter the world as per the host player’s progress. 

The claim of a female protagonist also aligns with rumors from January last year. GGRecon reported games journalist and frequent leaker Tom Henderson- under a now suspended Twitter account- also claimed Grand Theft Auto VI would have a female protagonist, but denied it was associated with the debunked “Project Americas” leaks.

Source: Grand Theft Auto V (2013), Rockstar Games

The latter came from a 2019 Reddit post, claiming to be set in the 70s to 80s Vice City and a Rio de Janerio inspired location, heavily inspired by Netflix’ Nacros, and taking place over decades. This would be the decades Matheusvictorbr dismissed in their rumor as well.

That rumor was somewhat debunked by Bloomberg and former Kotaku journalist Jason Schreier. “A good rule of thumb is that if a video game leak is a giant list of incredible-sounding bullet points, it’s fake,” Schreier warned.

Source: Jason Schreier, Twitter

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Fans have been waiting for a new title for a long time. While Grand Theft Auto V was released in 2013, the game has been supported with GTA Online, DLC, and HD ports. Nonetheless, glimmers of Grand Theft Auto VI have been revealed.

2017 saw actor Tim Neff list Grand Theft Auto VI on their resume for mocap work (later deleted), and January 2021 uncovered a patent by Take-Two Interactive- Rockstar’s parent company- for more realistic behavior in NPCs, and invented by two Rockstar North employees.

Source: Grand Theft Auto V (2013), Rockstar Games

Small hints were not enough, prompting one German man in September last year to charge onto the set of a live game show and demand news on it.

In January of this year, stock analysts proposed Take-Two Interactive’s confidence in a strong FY2024 suggested Grand Theft Auto VI would launch in that year. Finally, Rockstar Games finally confirmed in February that “the next entry” in the Grand Theft Auto series was in development. 

Source: Grand Theft Auto V (2013), Rockstar Games

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