The post-credit scene has become a staple of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). So much so that fans would riot if they didn’t get one. Here are some of the best from the past decade of Marvel on the big screen.

10. Guardians of the Galaxy – Howard the Duck

Source: Guardians of the Galaxy, Disney

It was a largely inconsequential post-credit scene, but for Marvel fan boys, it was an awesome wink and a nod to Marvel history. Howard the Duck has yet to play a big part in the MCU, but he’s still a fan favorite.

This small glimpse at him, and voiced by Seth Green no less, was definitely made just for fans.

9. Age of Ultron – Thanos Gets Ready

Source: Avengers: Age of Ultron

On it’s surface, this scene might not appear as much. It might just look like Thanos getting the Infinity Gauntlet in preparation for the next Avengers movie. But his one line of dialogue, “I’ll do it myself,” has huge ramifications for the film. While it has never been confirmed what Thanos meant by this, it’s certainly possible that it was him behind Ultron all along.

After all, Tony Stark had said he wasn’t close to cracking Ultron’s creation. The AI had to come from somewhere. This scene appears to indicate it was Thanos.

8. WandaVision – Scarlet Witch

Source: WandaVision, Disney

It was unclear just how impactful the Disney Plus shows’ post-credit scenes would be. In fact, even after WandaVision aired it still wasn’t clear the full scope of what this scene entailed.

But with the release of the second Doctor Strange movie, fans finally understood just how important this scene was. It set Wanda on a path from which there was no return and we change the MCU forever.

7. Winter Soldier – The Maximoff Twins

Source: Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Now that the MCU has become successful, it’s becoming a trend to introduce brand new main characters in its after credit scenes. But this wasn’t always the case.

It used to be a rarity, which is why the inclusion of Pietro and Wanda Maximoff was such a big deal. It was also met with a lot of speculation as the two characters are technically X-Men characters as well.

Fans would have to wait until Age of Ultron to see what they were all about, but this brief teaser got them excited for what was to come.

6. Iron Man 2 – Thor’s Hammer

Source: Iron Man 2

In the early days of the MCU, it was still a big deal for fans to see an interconnected universe on screen. There were hints of it here and there, but this was the first big move to show that all of the characters led their own lives and had their own missions, even when they weren’t on screen.

The inclusion of Coulson heading towards Thor’s hammer was just another strand in a rapidly growing web of stories.

5. Far From Home – Skrulls Revealed

Source: Far From Home, Disney

While Far From Home’s mid-credits scene took Spider-Man’s story in a new direction, it was its post credit scene that portends grave ramifications for the Marvel Cinematic Universe moving forward.

It revealed that Nick Fury was never involved in the story at all. It was a Skrull the entire time. It hasn’t been revealed yet what this actually means for the MCU, but it was a huge revelation at the time. 

4. Infinity War – Calling Captain Marvel

Source: Infinity War, Disney

There is probably no after credits scene that’s as much of a blockbuster as this one from Infinity War. Audiences didn’t really get to see how the Snap affected everyday life on Earth. They only witnessed how the heroes were blipped.

This scene showcased the carnage and chaos that was involved, and even hinted at what was in store for the next MCU film in the process.

3. Avengers – Thanos Reveal

Source: Avengers, Disney

Back when there were just whispers of the Mad Titan making an appearance in the MCU, his inclusion at the end of the Avengers meant a lot.

The blockbuster event of Infinity War was still a long way off, but the simple fact that Thanos existed in the MCU and was pulling strings from behind the scenes got fans excited for what was to come.

2. Far From Home – Mysterio’s Revenge

Source: Far From Home, Disney

It’s hard to argue that Far From Home’s mid-credits scene is not one of the strongest in the MCU thus far. In fact, it’s such an important scene it’s kind of crazy it wasn’t a part of the main movie.

Not only did fans get to see Mysterio’s final move, but it completely rocked Spider-Man’s world, setting up the next film so much that it was actually used as the opening scene.

1. Iron Man – Avengers Initiative

Source: Iron Man, Disney

The top spot goes to the one that started it all. Fans hoped and believed that they would finally get the connected cinematic universe they always wanted with Iron Man. But it wasn’t until Nick Fury showed up in this after credit scene and said the word “Avengers” that everyone’s hair stood on edge.

Even more than that though, it set up the trend of the after credit scene as an MCU staple that continues to this day.

0. Hawkeye – Rogers: The Musical

Source: Hawkeye, Disney

A bonus entry! Many fans were angry over this scene, but it perfectly encapsulated what these movies are all about. After over a decade of MCU films, fans feel entitled to the post credits scene and its ramifications for future movies.

Hawkeye turned this trope on its head. And it wasn’t an easy thing to film either. They had to create a whole set, costumes, choreography… The list goes on! Was it silly and goofy? Absolutely. But it was also fun. 

What are your favorite MCU post-credit scenes?

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