Pokemon-Inspired MMORPG Temtem to Leave Early Access, Release Date Announced

Source: Temtem (2022), Humble Bundle

Humble Games and Crema have announced the 1.0 release date of their Pokemon-inspired MMORPG, Temtem.

Source: Temtem (2022), Humble Bundle

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The monster-taming RPG will have players explore the Airborne Archipelago across Omninesia. Travel the six islands to find new Temtem’s to capture and train, battle other trainers, fend off Clan Belsoto, defeat the eight Dojo Leaders, and become a true master of Temtem.

Players can also meet fellow players online- not only trading  and battling with them, but also fighting alongside them in the campaign for a co-op adventure.

Source: Temtem (2022), Humble Bundle

They can also buy and customize their own home and take part in seasonal content, along with a Battle Pass with free and premium award tracks. TemTem will also feature weekly quests, which shall be updated regularly post-launch. 

Temtem originally launched back in 2020 via Steam’s Early Access program, and has been steadily updated since launch. Now, the full 1.0 version of the game will launch September 6th on PC (via the Humble Bundle and Steam), Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S.

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Pre-orders are now available for most platforms. “We’re working out the finishing touches of ratings and certification, so we don’t have Switch’s preorder links yet,” Crema explains. “We’re very sorry about that, we’ll try to provide them to you ASAP, stay tuned!”

“As for Steam players, you too will be able to upgrade to the Deluxe edition once the game reaches version 1.0!” Along with the standard and deluxe editions — providing exclusive emotes and cosmetic packs — developer Crema announced a physical standard and Collector’s Edition. “Such an special moment totally deserves a commemorative set of goodies, right?”

Source: Temtem (2022), Humble Bundle

“Temtem’s Collector Edition’s Bundle will delight those Tamers who like to walk into battle well prepared,” Crema boasts. “Crafted with care by Crema, Humble Games and Final Boss Bundle, it contains a lovely diorama statue and a set of enamel pins of our oldest partners, the starters.”

“Want to immerse yourself further in the world of the Archipelago? It also includes a Temcard replica of fan-favorites Kinu, Gharunder and Shuine, and a set of three irresistible embroidered patches that will make you feel like you’re part of the Narwhal Crew.” The Collector’s Edition will be available for $99.99 from the Final Boss Bundle website.

Source: Temtem Collector’s Edition, Crema

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