The new creative direction for the former Commissioner Gordon now that the tempestuous arc he’s undergone since Joker War is finally wrapping up.

Source: The Joker #14, words by James Tynion IV, DC Comics

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In Joker #15, the “series finale” of the saga, Jim tells Batman he is leaving the capes, villains, and soul-wrenching darkness of Gotham behind to partner with Harvey Bullock and become a private investigator.

“I’m entering private practice with Bullock… I’m happy to leave the capes and tights to you and my daughter for a while. Just do me a favor and don’t let that damn clown stay free for long,” he says to Batman in a signature rooftop chat that may be their last.

Source: The Joker #15, words by James Tynion IV, DC Comics

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As you can tell, it’s made rather evident that Gordon did not kill The Joker despite the strange adventures he’s had for the past year-plus. The grizzled lawman has not only been on the trail of the clown, but he’s also gone up against Bane who (surprise) isn’t dead, his daughter Vengeance, and a secret society.

During his travails, Gordon uncovered a group called The Network that was giving shelter to supervillains and actually cloning the next generation of psycho rogues. If that wasn’t bad enough, he got caught up in a case of a family of cannibals resulting in a massacre.

Source: The Joker #14, words by James Tynion IV, DC Comics

All the while, he was serving the interests of The Court of Owls – which tied up an old Talon series plot thread – and ultimately coming to second guess if the mission objective (taking out Joker for good) was really the answer.

James Tynion’s Joker series leaves a few unanswered questions to keep things brewing for future stories. One of those queries concerns Mr. J’s new girl Punchline, her future in crime, and how big her ambitions might get.

Source: The Joker #15, words by James Tynion IV, DC Comics

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That’s something to explore another time but one thing that is no mystery is what’s next for Gordon and Bullock. The duo has tenable potential to become DC’s Sam and Twitch but hopefully without emulating the Gotham TV series too closely.

Written by James Tynion IV and featuring art by the team of Giuseppe Camuncoli and Cam Smith, The Joker #15 – as well as the entire series – is available now.

Source: The Joker #15, words by James Tynion IV, DC Comics

The solicitation’s summary goes like this: “The Clown Prince of Crime had one more trick up his sleeve—a thrilling, surprise final issue! How did Gordon escape Texas? What happened to Bane and Vengeance? Did The Joker get the last laugh? Find out!”

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