One Piece fans, it’s time to grab you glow sticks and set the date, as Crunchyroll and Toei Animation have at long last unveiled the dates for the theatrical world tour for the franchise’s next cinematic entry, Film: Red.

Source: One Piece FILM Red Visual drawn by Eiichiro Oda

Source: One Piece Film: Red Anime Debuts New Trailer, Theme Song, Uta Project, And Poster By Eiichiro Oda

One Piece’s upcoming fifteenth film revolves around Uta, a performer renowned for her ability to conceal her identity and who just so happens to be the ‘daughter’ of the Red-Haired emperor of the sea, Shanks.

The seas’ most beloved “otherworldly” singer, Uta is set to finally unveil herself to the world at an upcoming live concert – a concert which the Navy is watching closely.

As the venue begins to fill with Uta’s excited fans on the big day, among them are the Straw Hats, whose captain shares an ages-old friendship with the singer and has come to enjoy her sonorous performance.

 What happens next – and what exactly the Navy wants with Uta – is anyone’s guess.

Source: One Piece Film: Red (2022), Toei Animation

One Piece creator Eiichiro Oda serves as the executive producer of Film: Red, with One Piece Defeat Him! The Pirate Ganzack! OVA helmer Goro Taniguchi providing direction and One Piece Film: Gold scribe Tsutomu Kuroiwa providing the screenplay.

Source: One Piece Film: Red (2022), Toei Animation

Notably, since premiering in Japan on August 6th, the film has gone on to be become the country’s highest grossing theatrical release of the year.

As per a September 12th tweet by journalist Hiroo Otaka, as of that day, Japan’s top films per box office revenue were the sequel to the live-action Kingdom movie (¥4,934,520,000), Jurassic World (¥5,968,360,000), Top Gun: Maverick (¥12,322,220,000) and finally,  Film: Red (¥13,868,540,000).

Source: Hiroo Otaka Twitter

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Of course, that total is only set to grow once Crunchyroll rolls out the film – in both subbed and dubbed form – for a theatrical world tour.

Source: One Piece Film: Red (2022), Toei Animation

Uta’s 2022 appearances will kick off on September 16th, where attendees can vie for an open seat to catch the film’s dubbed and subbed premieres as part of Crunchyroll Expo Australia.

Making one more promo stop, Film: Red will have its two versions screened for attendees at the New York Comic Con on October 6th.

Source: One Piece Film: Red (2022), Toei Animation

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The singer’s full public debut begins in Austria and Germany on October 13th before opening below the equator in Australia and New Zealand on November 3rd.

Next up will be North America, where Uta’s adventure can be seen in the United States and Canada starting on November 14th.

Source: One Piece Film: Red (2022), Toei Animation

Tickets for Film: Red‘s showings in the Commonwealth go on sale October 5th, with North American tickets going up for purchase the next day.

Source: One Piece Film: Red (2022), Toei Animation

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