With 2022 behind us all and one of its most shocking news items in film and pop culture in the cancellation of the Batgirl movie mid-production, it’s safe and timely for those involved to look back at what might’ve been. The film’s star Leslie Grace did exactly that when she said goodbye to the old year and rang in the new on Instagram.

Batgirl Vol. 5 #46 “Stay Gold” (2020), DC Comics. Variant cover art by Inhyuk Lee.

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The actress/singer and jilted DC leading lady posted a reel of highlights from the past year and the summertime when filming on Batgirl was underway in Scotland. The video showed everyone some never-before-seen moments of stunts, of Grace in her trailer, and of her and co-star Brendan Fraser in previously unrevealed costumes that are sure to have a mixed reaction.

In one shot, Grace is in her trailer snacking on either carrots or maybe mozzarella sticks while wearing a costume different from the one initially unveiled to the public. Whereas the yellow-and-navy-blue color scheme is the same as the zip-up leather suit, the second one looks like the typical get-up crafted by a special effects house for a Batman film.

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It’s likely an upgrade made and bequeathed by the elder Bruce Wayne played by Michael Keaton after he bonds with Barbara and mentors her adequately. The suit probably would not have appeared until the second half or final act of the movie when it was time to take down Firefly (Fraser). Speaking of, Grace’s costumes look passable but the villain is a different story.

Behind-the-scenes picture of Leslie Grace donning a slightly more comic book-accurate Batgirl suit via @BatgirlFilm, Twitter

Though Firefly’s outfit is plausible from a narrative standpoint of a character using only what he has available to cobble it together, it looks like bad cosplay nowhere near as flashy or ornate as some of the buggy arsonist’s armors in the comics. His helmet also over-embellishes his suit’s usual bug-eyed countenance that was more restrained compared to what’s in the image.

Batgirl has been described as having a CW quality to it. Beyond its plot and script, that must extend as far as its effects and costume design too. The film was shelved as a tax write-off amid Warner Bros. Discovery’s massive debt slashing. In her farewell, Grace wrote, “thank u for teachin’ me, 2022. you were singular in many ways that will stay with me.”

Leslie Grace shares New year’s message via Instagram

She added, “my gratitude and love for life is much deeper thanks to the experiences you brought me. I take your lessons with me as we part.” As 2022 parts with us, WBD parted with the idea of reserving mid-budget superhero films for HBO Max. Blue Beetle was consequently given a summer theatrical release while Batgirl can never be seen by anyone.

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