Star Wars Encyclopedia Wookieepedia Embraces Rejection Of The Truth And Deranged Pronoun Usage On Character Pages

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The unofficial Star Wars encyclopedia, Wookieepedia, announced they reject the truth and have embraced deranged pronoun usage for their character pages.

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The outlet tweeted, “You may have noticed a new field popping up in our infoboxes lately! We are now listing characters’ pronouns.”

“It is always important to keep in mind that pronouns do not necessarily reflect gender, and by doing this we will be more accurate and respectful,” they falsely reasoned.

They included a screenshot of Commander Cody’s page that shows his gender as male and his pronouns as he/him.

Wookieepedia Twitter

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Making it clear this change has nothing to do with being accurate, the outlet decided to list Anakin Skywalker’s pronouns as she/her at the request of a Twitter user.

Wookieepedia Twitter

The site would also respond to requests from other Twitter users to list Grand Admiral Thrawn’s pronouns to they/them and Luke Skywalker’s to they/he.

In the case of the Grand Admiral Thrawn the user making the request said it would be “for fun and to upset the dudebros.”

Wookieepedia Twitter

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The user asking for Luke Skywalker wrote, “need luke skywalker to have they/he pronouns for at least one second.”

Wookieepedia Twitter

Despite clearly lying about wanting to be accurate the outlet’s Twitter account would double down on the lie responding to one user writing, “Pronouns are a very normal part of everyday life. Having this field allows us to convey information in a more accurate manner.”

Wookieepedia Twitter

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The outlet also indicated they would block those critical of their lies and their embrace of the rejection of the truth.

They tweeted, “As always, hate has no place here. Harmful comments and bigotry will result in a block.”

Wookieepedia Twitter

As Bishop Michael Burbidge of the Catholic Diocese of Arlington explains, “Those asserting a transgender identity and/or seeking to “transition” often adopt new names and pronouns that reflect their desired identity and insist that others must use the chosen names and pronouns. Such use might seem innocuous and even appear to be an innocent way of signaling love and acceptance of a person.”

“In reality, however, it presents a profound crisis: We can never say something contrary to what we know to be true. To use names and pronouns that contradict the person’s God-given identity is to speak falsely,” he continues.

Bishop Michael Burbidge via Catholic Diocese of Arlington YouTube

Bishop Burbidge then instructs, “The faithful should avoid using “gender-affirming” terms or pronouns that convey approval of or reinforce the person’s rejection of the truth. It is not harsh or judgmental to decline to use such language.”

“In the broader culture, Catholics may experience significant pressure to adopt culturally-approved terminology. However, in no circumstances should anyone be compelled to use language contrary to the truth. The right to speak the truth inheres in the human person and cannot be taken away by any human institution,” he boldly proclaims.

“Attempts by the state, corporations, or employers to compel such language, particularly by threats of legal action or job loss, are unjust. We must love in the truth, and truth must be accurately conveyed by our words. At the same time, clarity must always be at the service of charity, as part of a broader desire to move people towards the fulness of the truth,” he concludes.

Bishop Michael Burbidge via Catholic Diocese of Arlington YouTube

What do you make of Wookieepedia embracing pronoun derangement syndrome?

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