‘Cocaine Bear’ Gets Competition From A Meth-Addicted Alligator In Upcoming New Film By ‘Sharknado’ Producers

Promo art for 'Attack of the Meth Gator' (2023), The Asylum
Promo art for 'Attack of the Meth Gator' (2023), The Asylum

It seems as if a new cinematic fad involving narcotic-influenced apex predators is in full swing, thanks to Universal Pictures’ Cocaine Bear nearly recouping its budget just 4 days since its initial release. While that film was loosely – and we do mean loosely – based on real-life events, an upcoming comedy/horror flick starring a meth-addicted alligator probably isn’t.

Cocaine Bear, directed by Elizabeth Banks. © 2023 Universal Studios. All Rights Reserved.

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The producers of the guilty pleasure mockbuster series Sharknado recently announced that they are starting production on a brand new movie, with plans for a sequel practically guaranteed even before launch.

The low-budget company, known as The Asylum, dropped a teaser poster for Attack of the Meth Gator, which will supposedly debut sometime during the summer.

“Hold our bear… I mean, beer,” read the tweet, which was an obvious friendly jab at the ridiculousness of Cocaine Bear. The tweet finished with the caption “Coming for your life this summer,” followed by emojis of a test tube, an alligator, a snow cloud, and a teddy bear. 

The Asylum Twitter

If the rumors are to be believed (and honestly, you can’t make this stuff up), then Attack of the Meth Gator will tell the story of a gigantic alligator exposed to a massive amount of meth dumped into a nearby water supply.

The gator in question has been the subject of some quirky comedic tweets on behalf of The Asylum, who claim it was a difficult cast member on set.

“Our star will be entering rehab immediately after we wrap. We appreciate all your thoughts & prayers for his full recovery,” read one tweet, which was accompanied by a behind-the-scenes video of the cast members complaining about the titular gator’s behavior on set. Needless to say, the comments were fast, furious, and funny, with The Asylum joining in on the fun.

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Twitter user Eric Janssen went off on The Asylum for “still doing knockoffs,” citing Sharknado’s fall off the pop culture sphere.

The company responded with “We’ve never done a mockbuster like this before… rather than being based on a movie, this one is based on @RonDeSantisFL ’s plan to rid the panhandle of all the people deemed existentially unacceptable by the Republican party.” 

Twitter user Eric Janssen throws shade at The Asylum over 'Attack of the Gator,' and the company trolls him back

Twitter user Eric Janssen throws shade at The Asylum over ‘Attack of the Gator,’ and the company trolls him back

A funny reply, and almost obviously an attempt by The Asylum to get a rouse out of people with some comedic trolling, but one shouldn’t read too deeply into the political messaging behind a movie about a meth-addicted alligator. I’m sure the producers agree.

User DimplyTWICE may end up securing a job at The Asylum after posting a hilarious tweet where he pitches what could be the company’s next big venture – Marijuana Llama. We’d laugh, but that would just be an invitation for the company to follow through, at which point we will have indeed seen everything.

Twitter user DimplyTWICE pitches a new concept idea for The Asylum on their Twitter page

Twitter user DimplyTWICE pitches a new concept idea for The Asylum on their Twitter page

The Sharknado series started off with one entry that got a lot of attention for its bad-on-purpose lampooning of disaster and horror films. Subsequent sequels were released, none of which managed to recoup their budgets the same way the first entry did.

The Asylum has also cranked out a number of low-budget movies over the years, many of them mockbusters.

A shark attacks a man on a subway train in 'Sharknado 2' (2014), SyFy Films

A shark attacks a man on a subway train in ‘Sharknado 2’ (2014), SyFy Films

Sequel-itis is poised to take root in the Meth Gator series, as well. The producers have already promised to name the next film in the series Crackodile, because why not

If nothing else, The Asylum have demonstrated the incredible and resilient nature of the capitalist economic model. Only under such a system could one studio churn out so many bad movies that people actually want to see, purely for the novelty of it all.

Hats off to the producers, but it remains to be seen whether Attack of the Meth Gator can make as much of a splash as Cocaine Bear, especially given the latter’s star-studded cast. 

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