‘Nier’ Creator Yoko Taro Announces New Original Anime Series ‘Kamierabi God.app’, Taps ‘Fire Force’ Mangaka Atsushi Ohkubo To Provide Character Designs

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KamiErabi GOD.app Trailer (2023), Undead via Youtube

Thankfully for fans everywhere, the disastrous delay experience which plagued NieR Automata Ver1a.a did not completely scare the IP’s creator away from the anime industry, as Yoko Taro has announced that he has recruited an all-star production team to help him continue his mission of bringing despair and excitement with a brand new, original series.

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KamiErabi GOD.app Trailer (2023), Undead via Youtube

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Revealed during Fuji TV’s March 22nd ‘Animation Lineup Presentation’, Yoko Taro’s KamiErabi GOD.app will be part of the network’s ‘+Ultra’ programming block.

As of this writing, details regarding the series’ plot have not been provided.

But according to the trailer, the series will not only feature eerie music arranged by Summer Time Rendering composer MONACA and characters designs by the iconic and recently retired Soul Eater and Fire Force mangaka Atsushi Ohkubo, KamiErabi God.app will a CGI-animated, post-apocalyptic survival horror series set in a school and centering around seven specific characters.

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KamiErabi GOD.app Trailer (2023), Undead via Youtube

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One particular scene of in the trailer that stands out shows a group of creepy children, all wearing matching uniforms and gay scale masks, lined up in the school’s auditorium.

Given his penchant for subtle social commentary, one wonders if an underlying the series will feature some exploration on the topic of conformity.

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Masked Grey Scale Uniformed Children in KamiErabi GOD.app Trailer (2023), Undead via Youtube

As noted above, Taro has enlisted an all-star production team to help bring this large-scale project to life.

Not only will the series feature MONACA’s music and the iconic Ohkubo’s character designs, but it will also be helmed by the director of Netflix’s CGI Godzilla trilogy and the upcoming Gamera: Rebirth Hiroyuki Seshita and feature a script written by Listeners anime creator Jin.

Further, KamiErabiGOD.app is set to be a joint production between the brand new Unend Studio and Listeners animation studio Slow Curve, with the the former (in their first professional credit) set to handle the series’ CGI and the latter its planning and production.


KamiErabi GOD.app Trailer (2023), Undead via Youtube

At current, KamiErabi GOD.app is on track to premier in October 2023.

Crunchyroll has also confirmed that they will be simulcasting the series to audiences outside of Asia.

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KamiErabi GOD.app KV (2023), Undead via Twitter

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