Chuck Dixon To Join Eric July’s Rippaverse With New 90-Page Graphic Novel Titled ‘Alphacore’

Alphacore #1 (2023), Rippaverse Comics

Long-time Batman, Punisher, and Conan the Barbarian writer Chuck Dixon recently announced he will be joining Eric July’s Rippaverse with a new 90-page graphic novel titled Alphacore.

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Dixon made the announcement in a video uploaded to Eric July’s YouTube channel where he says, “Hey, I’m Chuck Dixon and I’ve been invited to join the Rippaverse. Eric July has assigned me a 90-page graphic novel called Alphacore.”

Dixon then provided some details about the graphic novel, “It stars a team of superhero cops who patrol the skies and the streets of Forest Park in search of super creeps, wierdos, and villains. Boy, do they find them.”

“It’s full of action,” Dixon continued. “It’s kind of a police procedural meets a superhero epic.”

Dixon was mum on who he was collaborating with saying, “I wish I could tell you who the artist is, but Eric wants to tell you that himself.” However, he added, “Trust me, it’s a big name, it’s a big gun, it’s someone you’ve seen before. And I’ve seen a lot of the artwork and it is going to blow you away.”

Isom #1 via Rippaverse Comics

Following Dixon’s brief announcement, July commented saying, “For me this is everything coming full circle. Understand that his books, what he was doing with the Bat family in the 9os, that was my introduction. Those were the books that I read growing up.”

“And for me to be in a position to work with him is a dream certainly come true and man, it’s certainly a blessing and I’m thankful to even be in this position,” he added.

Isom #1 (2022) Rippaverse Comics

Specifically speaking about the graphic novel, July said, “You’re gonna thoroughly enjoy the Alphacore book. It turned out absolutely amazing. Chuck came up with an amazing script. There’s also some new characters that he introduced in it that I know you guys are going to thoroughly enjoy.”

July then made it clear that he plans to collaborate with Dixon in the future, “This is not going to be the only project that we do with Chuck. We’ve been chatting a lot and we have some other ideas as well. So this is one of the OGs. Again, it was a point in time where he just could not miss, man. Everything that he was dropping was just great work and we know that because he’s been blacklisted, if you will whatever you want to call it. They’re not going to let him touch those classic stories. That’s fine we have him over here at the Rippaverse.

“And I can’t wait to see what he develops. And hopefully much like his work back in the gap this is going to be stuff that is – people are going to be jamming for years to come,” he concluded.

Isom #1 Cover C (2022), Rippaverse Comics

The Alphacore were originally introduced in July’s Isom #1 that is still available for purchase from Rippaverse. A

Rippaverse plans to launch a pre-order campaign for Isom #2 beginning in June. Dixon’s Alphacore graphic novel is expected to be released after Isom #2 with a release window some time this Fall although Rippaverse’s Creative & Social Media Manager Andrew Rodriguez did note that the book might be released earlier, but the company doesn’t want to overcommit at this time.

Isom #1 (2022), Rippaverse Comics

What do you make of Chuck Dixon joining the Rippaverse with Alphacore?

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