Cartoon Network has released a new episode of the We Bare Bears spinoff series We Baby Bears, which  features not one but two non-binary characters with a tacked-on lesson on pronoun usage.

The Parrot Pirate Polly (Em Hagen) and Box in We Baby Bears Season 2 Episode 2 “Polly’s New Crew” (2023), Cartoon Network Studios

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In celebration of Pride Month, the self-proclaimed “home of your favourite kids cartoons” channel shared a preview of the second episode of We Baby Bears‘s season 2, titled Polly’s New Crew, wherein the bears reunite with The Parrot Pirate Polly.

The clip begins with the introduction of Winnifred — a pirate cat who, immediately after revealing her name, explains that she goes by she/her pronouns. The bears reveal that their crew has also grown, as they proceed to introduce a cardboard box named Box who identifies as non-binary.

Polly, also identifying as a non-binary, immediately expresses excitement, declaring, “You’re well met, Box. I use they/them pronouns as well.”

The Parrot Pirate Polly (Em Hagen) talks about the Davey Jones curse in We Baby Bears Season 2 Episode 2 “Polly’s New Crew” (2023), Cartoon Network Studios

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“During the production of We Baby Bears, a few crew members came out with they/them pronouns, and we felt that it was important to reflect that in the show,” the We Baby Bears team told LGBT advocacy group GLAAD.

“Our show team values representation because it’s something everybody on the show deeply cares about, and that’s why we aim to cast LGBTQ talent like Alok Vaid-Menon, Harvey Guillén, and Dominique Jackson,” the statement concluded.

baby bears nonbinary

Baby Grizzly, Baby Ice Bear, Baby Panda, Box and Polly in We Baby Bears Season 2 Episode 2 “Polly’s New Crew” (2023), Cartoon Network Studios

Unsurprisingly, these are not the first LGBT characters featured on this series aimed at kids. Just last month, for the finale of We Baby Bears‘ first season, Cartoon Network introduced the character of Cassi, an anthropomorphic cat played by transgender actor Dominique Jackson.

At the time, Jackson told GLAAD, “My role as Cassi was really fun, but was also a reminder that everyone could tell stories despite their gender identification or sexual orientation!”

“I’m very fortunate to have had this experience, especially when many are pushing for my community’s eradication by saying we are dangerous,” Jackson accused.

Cassi (Dominique Jackson) sits on her throne in We Baby Bears Season 1 Episode “Little Fallen Star” (2023), Cartoon Network Studios

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