A new rumor claims that Nintendo plans to take on The Walt Disney Company’s bread and butter by creating a series of films focused on their various princesses.

Princess Peach (Anya Taylor-Joy) in Nintendo and Illumination’s The Super Mario Bros. Movie, directed by Aaron Horvath and Michael Jelenic.

This rumor comes courtesy of film scooper WDW Pro who asserts, “A princess movie is likely on the horizon. And we believe that they also want to push the princess line into the toy lines. They think that the princesses from Mario can be a significant merchandising wonder … once they get read to launch that. And it could actually be something that would contend with the Disney Princesses.”

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The scooper then detailed the first step is having Daisy included in the newly announced Super Mario Bros. Wonder video game.

He explained, “This is the first step as they bring Daisy into this [Super Mario Bros. Wonder] to create a princess line. Rosalina, Peach, Daisy, [and] more. They intend to go after Disney’s princesses line with the Mario Princess line.”

Daisy flies through the air in Super Mario Bros. Wonder (2023), Nintendo

The scooper goes on to detail that this won’t happen over night despite the roaring box office success of The Super Mario Bros. Movie, which grossed $573 million domestically and another $771.4 million internationally for a global total of $1.3 billion.

“It is going to take five to seven to eight years to build that brand, to create this foundation,” he shared. “But this is the start of it.”

(from left) Mario (Chris Pratt), Princess Peach (Anya Taylor-Joy), and Toad (Keegan-Michael Key) in Nintendo and Illumination’s The Super Mario Bros. Movie, directed by Aaron Horvath and Michael Jelenic.

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This rumor comes on the heels of the voice of Mario in The Super Mario Bros. Movie, Chris Pratt, teasing that Nintendo has a cinematic universe in the works while addressing complaints about why his voice didn’t sound more Italian.

He told Extra TV, “This is a passionate fan base and it makes sense. I understand. I’m part of it. This is the sound track to your youth. You don’t want someone to come along and cynically kind of destroy it as a cash grab with the movie. I fully understand that. You do not want that to happen. And there were so many hearts, and souls, and minds dedicated to making sure that didn’t happen.

“And you saw the movie it really honors the video game. It honors the world of Mario and is very promising as to like what we could expect over the next 10 years, like an entire universe of these types of movies. They’re super nostalgic. They’re really fun,” Pratt said.

What do you make of Nintendo planning to take on The Walt Disney Company and the princess line with their own Nintendo Mario Princess line?

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