‘Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse’ Stans Harass, Attempt To Blackmail Fan Artist Over ‘Sexy’ Depiction Of A Gender-Bent Spider-Man 2099

Spider-Man 2099 (Oscar Isaac) makes a desperate play in Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (2023), Sony Pictures Animation

Another day, another set of emotionally stunted individuals rallying against the concept of attractive women, as a number of Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse stans recently took to not only harassing, but outright threatening a fan artist over their personal idea of what a gender-bent Spider-Man 2099 may look like.

Spider-Man 2099 (Oscar Isaac) suits up in Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (2023), Sony Pictures Animation via YouTube

Spider-Man 2099 (Oscar Isaac) suits up in Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (2023), Sony Pictures Animation

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The fuse for the terminally online’s latest temper tantrum was first lit on June 17th when popular artist @kamii_momoru took to their personal Twitter account to provide their own answer to the question, “What would Miguel O’Hara look like if he was a woman?”

Unfortunately, despite @kamii_momoru’s piece being an ostensible excuse to draw an female version of Spider-Man 2099 rather than any sort of social or political commentary, they were soon inundated with outrage from a contingent of Across the Spider-Verse stans who claimed that the female O’Hara’s lack of muscles compared to her male inspiration was a creative choice based entirely in misogyny.

Spider-Woman 2099

@Kamii_momoru via Twitter

“If you can’t make genderbent miguel buff af don’t even bother drawing it,” dismissed @mercuryc2001. “yawn.”


@mercuryc2001 via Twitter

“Look about this yeah I’m not a fan,” wrote @BeyondSpiderFan. “[This] is just the same buff man genderbended to hot woman which is just so bland to me give her that extreme muscle!! Like Miguel had!”

muscle spider-verse

@BeyondSpiderFan via Twitter

“It’s always the same body type when gender bending male characters to women,” @mugshotdog complained. “They could be the most beefed up character in the world and they would still give this body type.”


@mugshotdog via Twitter

In what would go on to become the most widely-circulated thread of criticism against the fan artist, @blursluts44 cried, “BORING. YAWNING. SLOPPY…LAZY.”

@blursluts44 whines over @kamii_momoru's female Spider-Man 2099 design

@blursluts44 via Twitter

“why when y’all genderbend male characters to females yall give the the 1 body type like do y’all not know anything else?” they further complained. “u couldn’t make her muscular like how miguel actually is? like y’all so boring n predictable omg”.

@blursluts44 whines over @kamii_momoru's female Spider-Man 2099 design

@blursluts44 via Twitter

“first the spot now miguel,” they ultimately bleated, referencing a similar discourse that previously occurred around the film’s villain. “GIVE THEM THE SAME BODYS AS THEIR COUNTERPARTS COWARDS!!!”

@blursluts44 whines over @kamii_momoru's female Spider-Man 2099 design

@blursluts44 via Twitter

Notably, in response to @HellTypical’s assertion “Hmmm wish she was more buff still love her tho,” @kamii_momoru revealed “I tried to do it but it didn’t work.”

“In the end I gave it the Urbosa shilouette,” the artist explained, referencing the muscular female Gerudo who fights alongside Link in The Legend of Zelda: The Breath of the Wild.

spider-woman 2099

spider-verse urbosa

@Kamii_momoru via Twitter

Following two-days straight of constant such harassment, @kamii_momoru revealed that the situation had escalated beyond simple disagreement as one critic was now attempting to ouright blackmail them into kowtowing to the mob.

Miguel O’Hara (Oscar Isaac) gets frustrated over the multiverse fiasco on Earth-199999 in Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (2023), Sony Pictures Animation

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“I know you guys have [been] telling me I should just ignore the drama,” explained @kamii_momoru in a lengthy statement. “But now it’s just so out of control [that] I’m being ‘blackmail[ed]’ [in]to talk[ing] about someone who I don’t even speak [to] anymore and didn’t know about his situation.”

“I did explain it early about my situation and I admit I did bad things in the past (which I delete[d] as it doesn’t represent me anymore),” they explained. “I would like to just live my li[fe] in peace and just work [o]n my art.” They noted. “But I hate that someone c[a]me over [into my DMS] and demand [of] me stuff like I [was] some kind of terrorist or even call me a Nazi for the country I live [in].”

“That’s all I’m gonna talk about it,” they closed out their post. “And I’m glad the people who really care helped [me] through all of this.  Sorry for this entire situation.”

spider-verse blackmail

@Kamii_momoru via Twitter

In a follow-up tweet, @kamii_momoru would share an excerpt from a DM sent to them by the aforementioned blackmailer.

“Anyhow read over what I had to say here,” wrote the unidentified would-be censor. “Try to get a post talking about all this out in around 3-4 hours.  If you sufficiently address all of the stuff I told you about, I’ll let it bee and I won’t add anything new to my thread.”

spider-woman demands

@kamii_momoru via Twitter

According to the excerpt, the topics the blackmailer demanded the artist answer for included:

  • You (@kamii_momoru) should address directly that you were anti-feminist before and that you were an anti-sjw, and that you are moving forward differently now.
  • You need to directly apologize to the Jewish community online and directly state what you had did and explain that it was inexcusable.
  • You need to publicly disavow (youtuber) @dimitrimonroez.  You have been mutuals with him for some time, and several of his actions are inexcusable.  If you speak about what he has done and you not wanting to be associated with him anymore, It will be the first step to forgiveness.
spider-verse demands

@Kamii_momoru via Twitter

  • When posting the apology thread, there will be people who dislike what you have done.  You need to take in their feedback and learn more about how to move forward.
  • There will be people who say that you did nothing wrong or that they forgive you when they weren’t affected.  You should shut down these people to show that you understand the severity of your actions and that you truly want to change.
  • You should take a break from posting for a bit to show you are taking some time off.
  • If you respond and I don’t get back to you, it is because I was asleep and I will try my best to help you.

“I do not have definitive proof if you still talk to Dimitri to this day, but the fact that you still are mutuals to this day gives great concerns,” they concluded. “If you didn’t know, you know now, and you need to publicly disavow him as a person.”

Unrelated to the blackmail demands, @kamii_momoru also shared a now-deleted tweet from @CurlySquare wherein the latter disingenuously accused, “Hey I don’t want to point out the obvious thing but like Argentina and Nazis mix for a very specific reason.”

@CurlySquare insults @kamii_momou over the latter's depiction of a female Spider-Man 2099

@CurlySquare via Twitter

However, despite their best attempts, the crying of @kamii_momoru’s critics was soon drowned out by a counter-response of praise and support from the internet at large.

This support most notably took the form of a ‘Spider-Woman 2099’ art trend which saw a number of fan artists share their own interpretation of @kamii_momoru’s ‘Spider-Woman 2099’ concept.

In the wake of this support, @kamii_momoru found the confidence to stand by their creation and has even gone on to produce even more pieces featuring ‘Micaela’ O’Hara.

@kamii_momoru shares a new piece featuring their gender-bent Spider-Man 2099

@kamii_momoru shares a new piece featuring their gender-bent Spider-Man 2099

@kamii_momoru via Twitter

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