Anime YouTuber Rev Says Desu Receives False Copyright Strike From ‘One Piece Podcast’ Co-Host Steve Yurko’s After Criticizing His Attempt To Push Debunked Transgender Yamato Theory

Yamato (Saori Hayami) is stunned to find that the battle is not yet won in One Piece Episode 1067 "To the New Era! Settled! The Determination of the Brats" (2023), Toei Animation

After getting blasted by fans for attempting to push the debunked theory that series heroine Yamato is transgender, One Piece Podcast co-host and Rick and Morty storyboard artist Steve Yurko has resorted to abusing Youtube’s copyright system in order to strike back at his critics.

Luffy (Mayumi Tanaka) demands answers from Yamato (Saori Hayami) in One Piece Episode 969 "To Wano Country! The Roger Pirates Disband" (2021), Toei Animation

Luffy (Mayumi Tanaka) demands answers from Yamato (Saori Hayami) in One Piece Episode 969 “To Wano Country! The Roger Pirates Disband” (2021), Toei Animation

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As previously covered by Bounding into Comics, Yurko provoked outrage among fans when he shared an original illustration on Twitter depicting Yamato in a shared men’s bath – a recreation of a scene from the series’ Wano arc wherein the heroines chooses to bathe with the male characters instead of the female characters in order to better emulate her hero Kozuki Oden, which activists regularly point to as evidence of her transgender identity – rejecting her ‘smelly’ Vivre Card while Luffy cheers her on.

The reason for this call to ‘reject’ the Vivre Card, a collectible piece of merchandise bearing a character profile officially approved by series creator Eiichiro Oda himself, is the fact that it goes against online activists’ personal headcanons by confirming that Yamato is an outright woman and not a transgender man.

one piece podcast yamato

Steve Yurko via Twitter

Among the outraged was anime YouTuber Rev Says Desu, who shared his criticism of Yurko’s piece in the form of a YouTube video titled Imagine Wasting Your Talent Like This.

Though Rev Says Desu’s video was just one of the many to level critiques towards Yurko, it seems it struck an undesired chord with Yurko, as the podcast apparently responded to the YouTuber by filing a false copyright strike against his channel.

Sharing a screenshot of the YouTube auto-generated email informing him of the strike, Rev Says Desu informed the platform via his personal Twitter on June 11th that “The @OnePiecePodcast and their co-host @SteveYurko have filed a false copyright strike against my channel.”

“In the video I criticized their artwork that they posted publicly on Twitter,” he explained. “This strike is a clear abuse of the copyright system.”

rev one piece

“I’m allowed to criticize what you post publicly,” the YouTuber further argued in defense of his video. “Horrible look from not only a fellow content creator, but an artist too.”

rev one piece

@Rev_says_desu via Twitter

“Also to add on to this,” he continued, “There’s an option to request a take down of a video and not apply a strike. They went the extra step to add the strike.  Petty behavior. I will fight it as far as I need to. Hopefully they do the smart thing and drop it.”

rev one piece

@Rev_says_desu via Twitter

Providing an update on the situation just forty minutes later, Rev Says Desu asserted,”Hopefully some action is taken.”

“Since my tweet went public both accounts involved have either blocked me or gone private,” the YouTuber further noted. “They have also removed their contact info on their YouTube channel. Its very clear they know they abused the copyright system and are now hiding.”

one piece rev

@Rev_says_desu via Twitter

Yet, in the end, Rev Says Desu won out, as the copyright strike was eventually removed by YouTube before the day was over.

“Uncommon YouTube W,” he announced of the decision. “YouTube intervened and denied their claim. The video is reinstated and the strike removed.”

Additionally, Rev Says Desu claimed that “In the process, I also learned the LLC they filed [the claim] under. I now know 100% that they don’t have the licensing rights to sell their unofficial One Piece merch…”

rev one piece

@Rev_says_desu via Twitter

Putting a final cap on the saga of the false copyright strike, Rev Says Desu ultimately explained to his followers, “Also keep in mind. They have the ability to refile as expressed in the email. So if they keep going they are ignoring the fact that everyone knows they are abusing the copyright system, hid behind blocks and privating of their accounts, all because they couldn’t handle criticism”

rev one piece

@Rev_says_desu via Twitter

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