Global TV shared a first look at their upcoming woke and race replaced TV series Robyn Hood.

Jessye Romeo as Robyn Hood in Robyn Hood (2023), Global TV

The company’s official X account shared a brief 30 second teaser that provided a first look at the series earlier this month. They also revealed the series would be streaming on the Stack TV service.

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The company’s publicity account would share a poster for the series to X as well writing, “Coming this fall on Global TV & Stack TV, supersized new reality TV and all-new Canadian original drama Robyn Hood (Sep. 27)!”

Global TV PR X

The series was originally announced back in January 2022 and went into production in June 2022 with Canadian music video director X helming the series with a story from Orphan Black story coordinator Chris Roberts.

In the original press release announcing the series, Global TV shared an official synopsis, “In this modern take on the Robin Hood legend, Robyn is a fearless young woman who is not just another superhero, with abilities normal people don’t have. She is a Gen Zer driven by the injustices of today who embraces the heroic, hopeful and playful elements of the world’s most recognizable folk hero.”

Jessye Romeo as Robyn Hood in Robyn Hood (2023), Global TV

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It continued, “She learns to fight for what’s right, to care for and lead her followers. And like all Robin Hoods since the first ballad, Robyn holds those in power to account by using their greed against them to help her community.”

“Robyn Hood follows Robyn Loxley, a young woman whose masked hip-hop band, The Hood, is known for their inventive videos and anti-authoritarian message,” the synopsis relayed. “She lives in Sherwood Towers, a cluster of rental high-rises in a working-class corner of New Nottingham, a near-fi city where the cost of living has skyrocketed, leaving an ever-widening gap between the rich and everyone else.”

It concludes, “When Robyn finds herself fighting for her home and her family against local property developer John Prince and The Sheriff of New Nottingham, Robyn and her band The Hood decide to fight back, righting the wrongs of the corrupt elite to give back to the people who are living under their regime.”

The Hood in Robyn Hood (2023), Global TV

In a subsequent press release announcing the show going into production Global TV affirmed the show would be an “eight-episode, one-hour contemporary re-imagining of the Robin Hood legend.”

They added that the show “follows fearless heroin Robyn Loxley and anti-authoritarian masked hip-hop band, The Hood, as they call out injustices and fight for freedom and equality in the city of New Nottingham.”

Not only was Robin Hood being changed from a male to a female, but he was also getting race replaced with Pennyworth actress Jessye Romeo playing Robyn Loxley.

Kira Guloien as the Sheriff of Nottingham in Robyn Hood (2023), Global TV

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Robin Hood is not the only character getting race replaced. Little John is being portrayed by Nykeem Provo. Friar Tuck or just Tuck, an eccentric hacker in this version, is being played by Jonathan Langdon.

Maid Marian also got the race replacement treatment. The character is called Marian Fitzwater and is being portrayed by Sydney Kuhne. The character is also described as a “determined lawyer.”

The Sheriff of Nottingham is getting gender swapped with Kira Guloien taking on the role. Interestingly, Prince John or John Prince in this show, described as “a wealthy and villainous real estate tycoon” is still a white man depicted by Ian Matthews.

Cast Collage for Global TV’s Robyn Hood

What do you make of Global TV’s Robyn Hood?

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