Comic Shop Behind Free Comic Book Day Signals It Might Be Shutting Down Soon

The Justice Society attends the funeral of Batman in Adventure Comics #462 (1979), DC Comics

The comic shop behind Free Comic Book Day appeared to signal it will be shutting its doors in the near future.

Flying Colors Comics, which is operated by Joe Field, the creator of Free Comic Book Day, appeared to announce it will be shutting down following its 35th anniversary event this upcoming weekend.

FCBD 2020 Best of 2000 AD #0, (2020), 2000 AD

In a Facebook post, the comic shop, which is located in Concord, California, invited customers to stop by the store for its upcoming 35th anniversary event on October 7th where they will be serving Hulk Smash Brownies, giving away a commemorative exclusive art print, and hosting Jeff Bonivert for a signing.

Following this, the post states, “Honestly, and maybe a bit sadly, there aren’t likely any more milestone anniversaries for this shop… in this location. So this photo of the shop at night is maybe a little reflective of the state of things as they are currently.”

However, Field did not go into any other details, cutting the topic off writing, “Enough of that for now, though!”

Flying Color Comics Facebook

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If indeed Flying Color Comics is announcing its closing as the post seems to imply, it’s the second biggest store to close down in as many months.

JHU Comic Books announced they were closing down at the end of August posting to Facebook, “After 10 years of operation in Manhattan (and decades before that as Jim Hanley’s Universe), JHU Comic Books will be closing the Manhattan location at the end of September.”

The store explained the decision, “Rising costs have forced JHU to make this choice, and they have decided that the best way to continue to serve NYC comic fans is to focus on the operations of the flagship location, located at 299 New Dorp Lane, Staten Island.”

JHU Comic Books Facebook

Towards the end of September, the shop affirmed their decision to shut down posting, “This Wednesday will be the last day of our Manhattan location at 481 3rd Ave. A few things to say. First off, from Sunday to Wednesday all back issues and all pre 2023 publication date, trade paperbacks and hard covers will be half price (Manhattan only)! Come get some stuff so we don’t have to carry it back!”

They continued, “Second, we will happily accept anyone who wants to volunteer Thursday or Friday helping us pack, please reach out to us and let us know. We should be here both days and really could use some hands on deck and would love to see some familiar faces one more time!”

The shop then concluded, “Finally, we want to thank everyone for their continued patronage, we wish all of you the best, and remember, keep reading those comics, and don’t stop being true believers!”

JHU Comic Books Facebook

What do you make of Flying Color Comics seemingly announcing they will be shutting down?

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