“Satanic” Amazon Cartoon ‘Hazbin Hotel’ Sparks Outrage And Protest

FOMO Devil
The Devil wasn't included in Creation in Hazbin Hotel (2024), Prime Video

More content coming out of Hollywood is being called out for mocking God and Christianity to promote sympathy for the Devil. Hazbin Hotel, an adult cartoon streaming on Amazon Prime, depicts Lucifer and Adam’s mythical first wife Lilith as a couple running the title establishment.

The trailer Prime released on social media does a tidy and complete job of expressing the tone and slant of the series.

Lucifer of the angels
Introducing the Devil as an Angel in Hazbin Hotel (2024), Prime Video

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In it, Satan is described as “a dreamer with fantastical ideas for all of creation,” while angels are considered “heartless” and unfair. “But he was seen as a troublemaker by the elders of Heaven, for they felt his way of thinking was dangerous to the order of their world,” the trailer continues.

In Jewish and Mesopotamian folklore, Lilith is a figure that is a matron to the diabolical who fled Eden in defiance of Adam and God. Afterward, according to Hazbin Hotel, she struck up a romance with the Devil and they conspired to tempt Adam and Eve into eating from The Tree of Knowledge.

The evil couple’s end was “to share the magic of Free Will with humanity, offering the fruit of knowledge to Adam’s new bride Eve, who gladly accepted.”

Heaven, naturally, doesn’t take kindly to this and sends its armies “to ensure Hell and sinners could never rise against them.” Hazbin Hotel’s storyline views this as Heaven feeling “threatened” while Lilith is seen as “empowering humankind with her voice and her songs.”

The trailer sent shockwaves through social media and Christian conservatives are hitting back with sharp criticism. Senior Editor for The Federalist John Daniel Davidson weighed in on X (formerly Twitter).

John Davidson Twitter
John Daniel Davidson (@johndavidson) via Twitter (X)

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“Oh look a new Amazon Prime show in which Lucifer and the spawn of demons are the courageous heroes, Adam’s original ‘sin’ is patriarchy, God and his angels are the cruel villains, and humanity’s free will is lionized as the highest good,” Davidson wrote. “This isn’t just moronic trash, it’s vile, evil stuff.”

HotAir.com Associate Editor David Strom reacted in an op-ed that it’s “hard to walk away [from the trailer] with anything but the impression that God is an oppressor and Satan the liberator.”

Strom added, “Yes, I know that the creators of Hazbin Hotel are trolling for attention. I also know that civilization will not stand or fall based on a stupid R-rated animated series about Hell.”

Adam and Lilith
Adam and Lilith in the intro of Hazbin Hotel (2024), Prime Video

He then opined, “But geez, man. What does it say about our society that one of the largest corporations in the world with millions of subscribers to its video service is heavily promoting a series in which Heaven’s Angels are the bad guys and Satan is the good guy?”

The Christian Post noted that Hazbin Hotel paints angels as “heartless” and portrays the Devil, demons, and Lilith “sympathetically.” The show also features Lilith’s LGBTQ child Charlie Morningstar – “the princess of Hell,” on a mission to rehabilitate demons for a return to Heaven.

Traditionalist Catholic apostolate Return To Order created a petition in protest of Amazon and the series which is very close to its current goal of 15,000 signatures. “Besides this flawed plot, the show itself is replete with immorality of the worst type,” says their description.

Characters from some other lame show by the creator of Hazbin Hotel (2024), Amazon Prime

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“This series is a blasphemous lie. It makes evil appear good, and good seem evil. It is a perverse and unjust twisting of God’s beautiful order, and pushes the dangerous lie that devils and damned souls are caring and compassionate,” it adds. “Above all else, this is a serious offense against God, who condemns the blurring of lines between right and wrong, virtue and vice.”

Hazbin Hotel is the creation of bisexual animator and YouTuber Vivienne Medrano. It’s based on an independently produced pilot funded with Patreon dollars that Medrano uploaded in 2019. Going viral with 95 million hits, indie film distributor A24 came calling to turn the pilot into the outrageous series.

Screenshot Vivienne Medrano-SVA
SVA Features VivziePop – Vivienne Medrano via School of Visual Arts, YouTube

Head of animation at Amazon Melissa Wolfe told The New York Times that the toon gave her a “kind of a goosebumps feeling when you just know it’s an amazing show.” Medrano would add to that by remarking the larger shift toward “diverse” and “LGBT” stories in adult animation.

“Our society and our culture has kind of shifted, and a lot more diverse stories are starting to be told, a lot more LGBT stories and things like that. As those things just enter the mix, just naturally, stories start to evolve and change. Different perspectives just automatically open themselves up to different voices,” she said to Polygon.

Hazbin Hotel art-sva
Hazbin Hotel art – SVA Features VivziePop – Vivienne Medrano via School of Visual Arts, YouTube

“The adult animation space has been a predominantly white male space for a very long time: very raunchy comedy, very, like, shock humor kind of thing. That stuff absolutely has its place, especially if it serves its purpose, but for me, I think the shift comes from more different kinds of perspectives telling stories in the space,” Medrano explained.

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