BBC Gaming Presenter Jules Hardy Calls For Current Sweet Baby Inc. Discourse To End With A “Final Purge” Of Ideological Opponents From The Medium

Jules Hardy shares her thoughts on the Lego Jurassic World game for BBC Radio 1 (2015), BBC
Jules Hardy shares her thoughts on the Lego Jurassic World game for BBC Radio 1 (2015), BBC

In the view of BBC gaming presenter Jules Hardy, the best way for the current discourse surrounding Sweet Baby Inc. to resolve itself would be with a “final purge” of those players who are critical of the general presence of ‘Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion’-focused consultation companies within the video game industry.

Jules Hardy introduces Witchercon (2021), Netflix
Jules Hardy introduces Witchercon (2021), Netflix

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Hardy, perhaps best known to viewers of the government-funded British programming network for her having served as the host of 2021’s Top Gear Gaming Show and 2017’s The Gaming Show, shared her opinion on the aforementioned debate on March 22nd in response to a tweet from the narrative consultation company Black Girl Gamers.

Wil Wheaton and Jules Hardy host Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Live (2017), Ubisoft
Wil Wheaton and Jules Hardy host Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Live (2017), Ubisoft

Retweeting a now-deleted post from user @becky890374052 in which they proposed the creation of a Steam curator page – similar to the Sweet Baby Inc. Detected group – meant to inform customers of the games in which Black Girl Gamers had worked on.

“Black Girl Gamers you wanted to defend Sweet Baby Inc. with all you could possible,” wrote the user. “Well here is your page because you wanted to finish Sweet Baby Inc. when I know that you both work together on projects and forced DEI is nothing more than racism”.

Black Girl Gamers mocked, “We really got you pressed by just existing LOL”.

“We’ve never worked with Sweet Baby Inc, you all saw ‘Black’ and ‘consulting’ and decided that we all work together,” they then accused. “Sounds like racism. We’re not stopping so have fun.”

Black Girl Gamers responds to a critic of their Sweet Baby Inc. defense.
Archive Link Black Girl Gamers (@blackgirlgamers) via Twitter

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Taking notice of Black Girl Gamers’ attempt at a public clap back, Hardy would eventually retweet the company’s post and ask her followers, “Can we agree that for round two of ‘this’ [GamerGate] it can be the final purge of these kinds of gamers?”

“It’ 2024,” Hardy added. “I’ve been arguing about this for decades can we have a last full detox of these dude so we can get back to the positive gaming community we have been creating”.

BBC gaming presenter Jules Hardy weighs in on the ongoing Sweet Baby Inc. discourse.
Archive Link Jules Hardy (@itsJulesHardy) via Twitter

As an aside, it should be noted that while there currently exists no public record of Black Girl Gamers and Sweet Baby Inc. having worked side-by-side on a given project, as noted by @Becky8903740521, the former has stood in defense of the latter amidst their recent backlash.

Asked by a supporter on March 6th to refrain from engaging with YouTuber The Act Man’s very late discovery regarding Sweet Baby Inc.’s actual reach and operations, the company’s official account asserted, “Honestly, we’ve been doing this for years and trolls always come, but for us it’s not necessarily about feeding them, it’s about showing an opposing narrative, because sometimes non-endemic companies/agencies will go online see one perspective (theirs) and take it as gospel.”

“It’s also in defense of Sweet Baby Inc who work in a similar lane to us who do great work,” they added, “It’s nice to see solidarity when being attacked online. Also shows our audience who block too.”

Black Girl Gamers comes to the defense of Sweet Baby Inc.
Archive Link Black Girl Gamers (@blackgirlgamers) via Twitter

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