Rumor: Marvel Studios ‘Blade’ Reboot With Mahershala Ali Going Back To Basics Of “Killing Vampires”

Blade kills
Blade (Wesley Snipes) kills vampires because that's what he does best in Blade (1998), New Line Cinema

An update on the delayed but hyped Blade remake starring Mahershala Ali as The Daywalker may offer a silver lining for the production’s fortunes.

Bleed Blade
Sanaa Lathan dies as she gives birth in Blade (1998), New Line Cinema

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Marvel and Ali’s arduous endeavor to bring the vampire hunter back to screens may end up making its current 2025 release as a new scoop suggests. It comes from Jeff Sneider, co-host of The Hot Mic podcast.

From what Sneider has heard, the new Blade is scheduled to film this summer in Mexico and it will go back to the basics of the series. They’re focused on one thing, and one thing only – Blade killing vampires.

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According to the latest round of rumors passed along by Comic Basics and X users such as @AlexFromCC, this is a new direction for the film brought on by corrections to the script.

Until recently, it was claimed by various sources that the plot included Lilith and the Ebony Blade. With Mia Goth supposedly cast as the villainess, she would wield the mystic weapon of Black Knight and try to use the blood of Blade’s daughter to create a race of Daywalkers.

Initially, it was thought Blade’s daughter and Black Knight would turn up. Eternals seemed to tease the latter’s appearance in a post-credit scene, but Dane Whitman actor Kit Harington contradicted this speculation.

“I don’t know, though. The honest answer is nothing’s in the works at the moment. If they decide to use the character in something, or as a solo thing, I’d be very excited by it. But I don’t think it’s planned at the moment,” Harington said via Screen Rant and Comic Basics.

Wesley Snipes always trying to skate uphill in Blade (1998), New Line Cinema

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Marvel hasn’t known a consistent creative direction since Avengers: Endgame and Eternals didn’t impart much confidence in the quality of the thrown-together game plan. Priority was given to female characters without depth or conviction, spawning the maligned ‘M-She-U’.

Blade, it seemed, wasn’t going to be immune. The rumor was he’d be headed for irrelevance in this next outing like most Marvel and Disney action heroes and take a backseat to his daughter. Things might have gone further with her replacing him, allegedly.

Nomak (Luke Goss) wants revenge in Blade 2 (2002), New Line Cinema

Mahershala Ali wasn’t a fan of this and the script was rewritten a reported four times to keep a gritty R-rating. He has been attached to star in Blade, taking over for Wesley Snipes, since 2019. Back then the film was slated for 2023.

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