‘Cyberpunk: Edgerunners’ Showrunner Rafal Jaki’s ‘No\Name’ Becomes First Manga Plus Creator Series To Receive Official Jump+ Publication

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Almost two years after initiating the Manga Plus Creators program, Shueisha has announced the first series to be published on both the Jump+ and Manga Plus apps is the supernatural manga No\Name, from Cyberpunk: Edgerunners showrunner and Witcher Ronin writer Rafal Jaki and manga artist Machine Gamu.

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The manga publisher’s joint collaboration with painting app Medibang, Manga Plus Creators by Shueisha provides aspiring overseas manga artists the tools to create and publish their work, access to a platform full of readers, and the chance of being published in Japan.

Manga Plus Creators offers overseas creators the opportunity of a lifetime with monthly contests to have their submitted work evaluated by the Shueisha Jump+ editorial team and the chance to win the ultimate prize of having their series published in Japanese on Shueisha’s Jump+ app.

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Manga Plus Creators by Shueisha

One of the thousands of various stories entries submitted to Manga Plus Creators contests is No\Name. The work is Cyberpunk: Edgerunners showrunner Rafal Jaki first independent original series co-created with up-and-coming manga artist Machine Gamu.

Per Jaki’s official twitter, No\Name is a dark action mystery set in Northern Europe, where supernatural powers are attributed through a person’s name, given to everyone by the government. A man fighting with wolf companions & a werebear girl investigate a missing child’s case for the government-run Naming Agency.”

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On November 28th, Shueisha announced that No\Name would be awarded the first coveted Gold Award. As such, the dystopian thriller manga will be published in Spanish and English on Shueisha’s Manga Plus app and Jump+ in Japanese. Further, the rising manga artist duo earned a cash prize of 1,000,000 JPY ($6,193).

Alongside a commemorative image by Machine Gamu, the Cyberpunk: Edgerunners show runner announced the news on Twitter:

No\Name the new manga created by me and @machinegamu just won the first ever awarded Gold Award (1,000,000 JPY + Publication on Jump+ and MANGA Plus by SHUEISHA),” he prolaimed. “GAMU prepared a special artwork to celebrate 🎉 Having our work in JUMP was a dream come true – thank you to all the 2 million readers and we are working hard on next chapters.”

Rafal Jaki via Twitter

On June 30th, Shueisha unveiled the three new series that will begin publication in Jump+: Okusu Tsuneharu’s high-octane biking manga Nigero Matsumototo, Aguro Kouki’s super strong chronic oversleeper manga Nebosuru Otoko, and Rafi Jaki and Machine Gamu’s supernatural thriller No\Name.

.”No\Name a new manga (written by me and illustrated by @machinegamu) got picked up for serialization in
@shonenjump_plus,” the Witcher Ronin writer announced. “As far as I can tell we are the first non-Japanese team that managed to do that! It will be launched simultaneously in English and Japanese on the 31st of July. Thank you all for the amazing support :)”

Rafal Jaki via Twitter

No\Name launches on July 31st in English and Spanish on Manga Plus and Japanese on Jump+

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