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Swami sees
Kajal (Mia Swami-Nathan) has hope she will see again in Sight (2024), Angel Studios
June 12, 2024
‘Sight’ follows ‘Cabrini’ and is the latest release from Angel Studios. Does it live up to their growing hype? Find out what we think.
Skarsgard - arms wide open
A bloodied Eric Draven (Bill Skarsgard) stays open in The Crow (2024), Lionsgate
June 10, 2024
He may simply have an ax to grind, but the former Crow reboot scribe Cliff Dorfman is discouraging his X followers from seeing the film.
Credit: Screenshot: Marvel Entertainment Youtube
June 9, 2024
In the competition between the kings of comic books, Marvel and DC, only one can take the top spot at the box office.
best batman animated
Credit: Screenshot: Warner Bros. Entertainment Youtube
June 9, 2024
Ranking the best Batman animated movies is no easy task. There are many classic and hit animated films to choose from.
All Marvel Movies In Order
June 9, 2024
With over 30 installments (not including TV shows) and counting, here is how you can watch all the Marvel movies in order.
Cramps in my Foxy Bones
Dawnn Lewis in I'm Gonna Git You Sucka (1988), MGM, and Pam Grier in Bones (2001), New Line Cinema
June 8, 2024
Juneteenth rolls on but we are really here to talk about two throwback send-ups of Blaxploitation: ‘Bones’ and ‘I’m Gonna Git You Sucka’.