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Risa Koizumi (Amber Lee Connors) has a chance encounter with her video game husbando Cain (MoistCr1TiKaL) in Lovely Complex Episode 11 "It's All Doomed! He's Getting Back Together With His Ex!?" (2007), Toei Animation
February 26, 2024
According to a former ‘Lovely Complex’ localizer, the Western anime industry is both aware of and allows the butchering of original works.
Hitomi Otani (Howard Wang) and Risa Koizumi (Amber Lee Connors) in Lovely Complex Episode 1 "Summer of 1st Grade! I Will Get Myself a Boyfriend!" (2007), Toei Animation
February 26, 2024
Localizer Brendan ‘JelloApocalypse’ Blaber’s disdain for the ‘Lovely Complex’ source material has earned him a pink slip from Discotek.