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September 6, 2023
Diane Nelson did not like Justice League. Neither did Ethan Van Sciver. The Cyberfrog artist dissects her first inteview in years.
April 12, 2020
Execs messed with Zack Snyder’s work on Justice League but it was Geoff Johns who brought on Joss Whedon and Johns isn’t well-liked at WB.
September 19, 2019
Diane Nelson, former co-president DC Entertainment, let it be known she is no friend of old CCO and colleague Geoff Johns.
Diane Nelson
June 6, 2018
Diane Nelson who is the president of DC Entertainment and president of Warner Bros. consumer products will be leaving the company after taking a significant leave of absence which began in late March.
Eddie Berganza and Geoff Johns
DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. canned one of their top editors, Eddie Berganza, following a BuzzFeed article alleging Berganza harassed or assaulted a number of female DC Comics employees in the past.
October 27, 2017
According to a private Facebook post from Diane Nelson, President of DC Entertainment, Geoff Johns will be reporting straight to Warner Bros. instead of the DC executive.
Justice League
October 2, 2017
Warner Bros. and DC Films under Geoff Johns and Diane Nelson will be focusing on individual stories and not a cinematic universe.