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A Warrior clashes with a Dragon on Larry Elmore's cover to Dungeons & Dragons Basic Set (1983), TSR Games
May 8, 2024
Wizards of the Coast have gender-swapped the Warrior featured on the cover art to the Red Box release of ‘Dungeons & Dragons’.
Meren of Clan Nel Toth via Card #52 Magic: The Gathering - Secret Lair Drop, Wizards of the Coast. Art by Cynthia Sheppard.
April 18, 2024
Wizards of the Coast president Cynthia Williams has resigned after a two-year tenure marred with numerous ‘Magic’ and ‘D&D’ controversies.
A Fae Imposter prepares to ensnare a new victim in Dungeons & Dragons Monstrous Compendium Volume 4: Eldraine Creatures (2023), Wizards of the Coast
February 7, 2024
Hasbro has denied a recent report which claimed it was looking to sell its ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ IP to the China-owned Tencent.
A dragon lights a village ablaze in Dungeons & Dragons' The Practically Complete Guide to Dragons (2023), Wizards of the Coast
January 31, 2024
A new report suggests that Hasbro is not only selling the ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ IP, but that the China-based Tencent is an interested buyer.
Aiyon (Jordan Fite), Billy (David Yost), and Izzy (Tessa Rao) step behind the wheel of the Cosmic Fury Megazord for the first time in Power Rangers Cosmic Fury Season 1 Episode 1 "Lightning Strikes" (2023), Netflix
December 15, 2023
Hasbro’s fortunes continue to spiral as the ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ and ‘Power Rangers’ developer has announced another round of layoffs.
Asteria raises her blade on the cover to Dungeons & Dragons: The Book of Many Things (2023), Wizards of the Coast
October 25, 2023
‘Dungeons & Dragons’ next release, The Deck of Many Things, is set to introduce the franchise’s first canonically autistic character.
August 10, 2023
Wizards of the Coast announced they are banning artists from using “AI art generation” when it comes to commissioned work for Dungeons & Dragons art.
A Half-Elf monk strikes on Card #19, Adventures in the Forgotten Realms (2021), Wizards of the Coast. Art by Zoltan Boros.
April 10, 2023
Dungeons & Dragons is currently looking to replace its “inherently racist” Half-species system with a more generic and uninspired mechanic.
Nissa of Shadowed Boughs via Card #283, Zendikar Rising (2020), Wizards of the Coast. Art by Dave Rapoza.
April 4, 2023
Dungeons & Dragons will be removing ‘half-‘ species characters from their official materials because they are “inherently racist”.