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June 1, 2020
Kitty Pryde died – but why can’t she be resurrected? Is she still a mutant? Is someone stopping her from going through the protocols?
April 14, 2020
A solo X-Men movie is far out – but until then, characters will be seeded in other projects. Someone will have to be link. Why not Mister Sinister?
February 21, 2020
The X-Men have come a long way since the Dawn of X began – but with they’ve also managed to ruffle more than a few feathers along the way!
February 5, 2020
Is Thanos and Venom writer Donny Cates interested in writing a solo series for the X-Men’s Gamibt?
January 29, 2020
Here’s why Marvel Comics recently announced X-Men spin-off Children of the Atom should be about the recently introduced Chimera in Jonathan Hickman’s Powers of X.
December 30, 2019
By no means are the X-Men short on villains, but what happens when those individual threats come together? Here are the 10 deadliest X-Men villain teams.
December 9, 2019
Marvel Comics announces the March 2020 debut of a new Zeb Williams written X-Men title with a very strange cast of lesser-known characters; Hellions.
December 9, 2019
After everything that happened this summer and in Dawn of X, so far, there are plenty of reasons to still believe that the X-Men are being manipulated.
November 17, 2019
We take a look at all the 2019 Dawn of X titles for Marvel’s most recent X-Men relaunch. Are they as advertised or all hype?
October 30, 2019
The X-Men have a lot of books coming out over the next few months! We’re here to help you figure out what’s what with our most anticipated titles.