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November 5, 2018
Marvel and Stitcher announced a brand new series Wolverine: The Lost Trail. This series follows in the wake of Wolverine: The Long Night and will see Richard Armitage reprise his role as Wolverine.
Wolverine: The Long Night
February 6, 2018
Marvel and Netflix’s upcoming scripted podcast Wolverine: The Long Night finally has its first trailer. The story will follow agents Sally Pierce and Tad Marshall as they investigate a series of murders in the fictional town of Burns, Alaska. They quickly discover the town lives in fear of a serial killer. The two agents will team up with deputy Bobby Reid to investigate their primary suspect, Logan.
Wolverine: The Long Night
December 6, 2017
Marvel revealed a new partnership with the podcast service Stitcher that will see Wolverine star in the first-ever Marvel scripted podcast, Wolverine: The Long Night.