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May 11, 2023
The Acolyte creator Leslye Headland recently confirmed that the upcoming Star Wars series on Disney+ will be a commentary on current American society, culture, and politics.
April 14, 2023
The Acolyte actress Jodie Turner-Smith not only believes Star Wars is “very like patriarchal,” but she believes the upcoming show “is so groundbreaking” because it features a black lead.
April 10, 2023
The Acolyte’s Executive Producer Leslye Headland appeared at Star Wars Celebration and provided some new details about the upcoming Disney+ show specifically noting the series tells its story from “the perspective of the villains.”
April 10, 2023
The Acolyte actor Charlie Barnett recently made an appearance at Star Wars Celebration, where he continued to reveal how The Walt Disney Company and Lucasfilm are radically reshaping Star Wars.
April 4, 2023
Actress Jodie Turner-Smith, who previously portrayed a race-swapped Anne Boleyn, recently discussed the upcoming Star Wars series, The Acolyte, being helmed by Harvey Weinstein’s former assistant Leslye Headland.
March 23, 2023
A new rumor claims that Leslye Headland’s The Acolyte project is reportedly only filming a pilot or a sizzle reel and not an actual full series for Disney+.
March 16, 2023
The upcoming Star Wars series, The Acolyte, helmed by former Harvey Weinstein assistant Leslye Headland had an intimacy coordinator as part of its production.
December 5, 2022
Actress Dafne Keen, who will appear in the upcoming The Star Wars series, The Acolyte, from Lucasfilm and Harvey Weinstein’s former assistant Leslye Headland recently claimed the show will be “an explanation of how the Sith infiltrated the Jedi.”
July 22, 2022
Disney’s Star Wars: The Acolyte has found its lead in black, lesbian, and non-binary actor and intersectional feminist Amandla Stenberg.
July 18, 2022
A new rumor suggests that Loki director Kate Herron may lend her talents to Disney Plus’ upcoming Star Wars series The Acolyte.